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Touching your belly?

Does anyone else get tired of people asking to touch your belly? I always let them for some reason. I mean, it's okay for my husband and family members to, but other people get a little annoying. Does anyone else ever feel this way?
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I'm probably the exception :) I actually like people touching my belly but not to many people do! I wish they would though, maybe if they did It would irritate me LoL!
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I don't like when people touch my belly, but I don't have the heart to tell them no either. I barely like it when my family does it! I don't know why it bothers me so much though honestly. I have no problem if my husband or my 16 month old do it, but I have an issue with everyone else. lol. I'm weird!!
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I don't like my belly to be touched, at least not when he's not moving around in there. I also hate it when I'm pregnant and they touch my belly and i'm only 8 or 9w along... there's nothing to feel! I've had to phyically remove ppl's hands (nicely) or I shoot them a look, smile and say he's asleep right now. they get the picture
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I don't allow people to rub my belly when not pregnant- why would I let them when I am?

I do NOT mind family members doing it and thankfully no stranger has tried to. A lady at church did try to and I totally sidestepped her. I felt bad later but hey! It's my body, not a plaything.

You can always buy one of those funny t-shirts that says, "No Touching" or something.
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im only 9 weeks and atleast 5 people at my work feel that they need to touch my belly everyday they see me.. im not even showing yet. so it does get a little annoying
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I am fine with it ONLY if it is a good friend or family member.  But if some random person that I don't know very well or a co-worker asks or tries I either say NO or pull away.  I don't feel bad at all.  It is my body & nobody has the right to touch it.  I wouldn't go around touching theirs so why should they have the right to touch mine.  This is a private time & it is to be shared with only those whom you invite!!!
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i HATED when strange random  people would touch or try to touch my belly. i didn't mind family or close friends doing it. it was the strangers that bothered me. i don't know if they washed their hands last time they went to the bathroom or picked their noses. plus it was just weird having a total stranger rub my belly. i'm like that now as well. there is no stranger touching the boys. ABSOLUTELY not. some woman tried to a few weeks ago and i just looked at her and was like "please...i'd really prefer it if you didn't touch them." i got a nasty look from her but hey...i don't want the kiddos catching some bug from someone or risking her just taking off running with my child (you can never be too careful you know).
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