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Way OT- Pregnancy Rant

so 2 days ago me and DH got food poisoning from friggen taco bell :(

i went back to work today. which really sucked to start off with. i was just running around all day, doing birthday parties which were all really crappy and rude.  i got ran into 3 times by 3 different people. one of them a child running full speed and elbowing me in the stomach, and another running into me while i was carrying a large box which is hard to miss. the last birthday party i hosted was a big ol' mess. there was about 35 adults and like 15 kids there. and my party parents decided to order pizzas like 2 or 3 at a time, along with wings (they take twice as long to make) and it took atleast 15minutes for each of the pizza orders and almost double that for wings. they ordered like 8 pizzas total and 6 orders of wings. so basically causing me to do more running around then what is usual. so i get off at 830 after finally getting my stupid party to pay out. a friend from work wants to hang out and DH is over at a friends house playing some board game so i figured it would be ok to go hang out with her at starbucks for like an hour and a half. just to catch up about vacation and work and stuff. i get done there (10pm) and call DH, still at his friends house. they are about half way through their game, so i tell him im just going to go home and go to bed since he's probably going to be a while. at this point im just too exhausted to really care if hes home or not. my feet/legs are killing me, i have a headache and i just had a frappachino after just getting over food poisoning.(yay dairy) so i get home, realize the dogs havent been fed yet today, or let out since i  left at noon.(yippee yorkie pee). i take care of them. then go to bed, which takes forever considering im pregnant and my stomach is now upset and britton is having a dance party.
i get a text message at 145AM from DH saying that he's having A (yes one) drink at the neighbors house and that he's right outside. so now im awake just lying in bed trying to fall back asleep. headache is getting worse and when i got up my legs felt like they were going to cramp up and fall right off my body. around 220 i got impatient and text DH asking him if he could come in soon. no response. about 20 minutes later i call him, he answers drunk off his A** and i ask him to come in soon. hes says sure(and various other things trying to be cute). i sit there on the couch waiting another 20 minutes for him to come in. he literally takes off his shoes and runs into the bathroom to vomit. two minutes later i get a knock at the door (not even going to bother answering it in my night gown) i go in and tell DH and he says to tell them to go away so i just say forget it and put the dogs to bed. now this is the fun part
when i get back DH is laying in bed, almost asleep, i lay down next to him. 2 minutes later he throws up, all over the sheets, the blankets, and every pillow that ISN'T his own. i tell him to get off the bed because hes obviously soo drunk he doesnt realize what hes doing. yelling at him to go to the bathroom, hes just sitting/lying on the ground throwing up. i toss him the trash can which i had by the bed from our food poisoning 2 nights before. and immediately throw all the laundry in the wash.(which will probably take 3 -4 hours to finish) he refused to move to the bathroom after i repeatedly asked him to move and told me he was feeling a lot better. so now theres nothing on the bed but my husband and a towel that he has lying under his head, and im stuck with all this laundry and possibly another mess to clean up in 10 minutes if i get the balls to walk in there again.

how did everyone elses night go?
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WOW!I don't know what to say to that other than ....what an arse!  I hope he feels REALLY REALLY BAD when he wakes up.  Perhaps a hangover from h*ll would serve him right ;)
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Sorry to hear that.  Sounds like a horrible night.  But if you dont mind me asking, is it okay to have a frappincino... I want one so bad, but Im so scared
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They recommend you not drink them heavily becuase of the caffeine but one isn't going to hurt.
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they have like 3 flavors at starbucks that have no caffiene. its actually right on the menu here!
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Oh, I am so sorry! My DH did that to me about 5 years ago. He finally made it into the bathroom after throwing up all over the room and then did the same all over the bathroom getting there.  I was not happy one bit about that. Unfortunately, he didn't wake up with a hang over, but he did learn his lesson and hasn't done it since.
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