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am i the father

me and my girlfrend  have been having unprotected sex until may 24th  and then we broke up on the 25th after that she told me she had been having unprotected sex with other guys i havent seen her for 3mos and then she contacted me telling me that she is pregnant and the due date would be on feb 23 would i be concerned if i am the father of the child? and as i remember but not that sure i think she had a period on may 22nd can you please help me im really confused i dont know what to do
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Thats a tricky one.
Best thing you can do is make her rethink the dates and to be sure you are the father.
If you still are unsure, you will have to wait until the baby is born then get a dna test done.
Good luck.
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possible conception dates are may 29-june 6th with her period around 19/22nd may, but the best way is through a dna test
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I conceived May 13 & I am due Feb 3, if she's due Feb 23 she concived June 2, hope this helps
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are you sure you conceived on may 13 meaning you had sex on may 13th?
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is the best thing to look at . if your last date of sex with her was on the 24th of may and sperm can live for 5 days at most then  Then your last possible conception date with her would be the 29th. meaning baby would be due on feb 18th according to med help. com go and do the math for yourself. but with me doing it using that site the latest date could be 18th.

Next time usse protection unless u are married or want a baby with the girl. i know it feels different but it is worth not having all of the stress.
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I agree with rmmoye - USE POTECTION if you dont want kids..
I concieved - 16/05/2011 and due 06/01/12

But i will tell you i had a period the second month i was pregnant.. you CAN have a period during pregnancy..

Have a DNA - if you dnt think she willing-ly get one done - go throu a solictor - court - well worth the money.
My opion is go now and check date etc and tell her that you are willing to do everything for the child but you want a dna as she was unfaithful...

she should be understanding - but please i have seen this happen myself -
as harsh as it sunds -

DONT GET ATTACHED TO A CHILD THAT ISNT YOU - 110% especially with her being unfaithful ..

If you dont and turns out nt to be yours its heart breaking ...

hope this helps .. :)

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so its possible that im the father?? i doubt that she will allow me to have that DNA test though :(
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No if you take her to court because you believe there is a possibility that you are the father the judge will order a DNA test. She will have to comply with the court order. She should have more common sense as a woman to not sleep around with multiple men without protection.
Stories like this make me so angry. Because its the children that suffer the most.
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I think you may need to go with the DNA testing. Sperm can live in a womans uterus for up to 5 days.  If she told you that she was sleeping with other guys at the same time as sleeping with you then it's the only real way you are going to know if that baby is yours.     If it is court ordered then she has to allow the testing to be done.   If she wants any kind of child support she is going to need that proof of the father so she'll most likely go along with it.

If you choose to not do the testing and you go into that babies life you have to live every single day as if you were the father and you can NEVER get angry and start yelling that it may not even be yours in the first place.  Kids overhear stuff and it is not fair to the kids.   The responible thing would be to find out for sure and get the DNA test done.  
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I totally agree with you mamaof4410! This is such a big issue these days. Especially with younger teens. PROTECTION is the brightest way to prevent a pregnancy. And not sleeping with someone until you are married is the only absolute way to prevent an unexpected pregnancy.
As for young_boy23... I am so sorry to hear she won't comply with you on this but, for the baby's sake, you do need to make it a legal matter. Don't get your hopes up though, it's possible you can be the father but it's also possible you're not. It's a tough situation and I know the overwhelming feelings will get to you. DNA tests are always a good thing. Even if they were done behind your back (like with me, for example), they will always prevail. My fiance and I had broke up for a while the month we conceived (i don't sleep around, but he used to so he thought i was) and when our son was born, he and his mom had a DNA test taken behind my back. They weren't so secretive because the results came in the mail to OUR HOUSE. I was livid, but then again it's always better to have it in stone. Also, when we broke up after our son was born I was able to get my child support case moving faster since I already had the reuslts. A year and a half later, we're happier than ever and have raised a completely beautiful child together and are getting married. Not trying to rub anything in, but people can change and I hope the best for you. Good luck and try to be more careful in the future ;)
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We'll she can't expect u to pay child support ever if she can't prove its your. Only way to prove 100% is a dna test. Good luck to u.
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There is a pretty good chance you are not the father. You still could be, but with a due date of Feb. 23 the estimated conception date was between May 26, 2011 and Thursday, June 2, 2011 but remember sperm can live inside a women for up to 5 days. Has she told you that you are the father?  You'll need to get a DNA test.  How accurate is her due date? Did she have an early ultrasound?
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You COULD be the father or you Couldnt!

Please dont bond with the baby without knowing. The court can order her to have one. She cannot get out of it that way.
You basically say to her .. you want me to be in its life and help provide i want a DNA test. DEMAND IT!!

We girls lik this annoy me. I had a friend once who done sumit simular - she had a kid to a bloke who moved away and has nuffin to do with it. That kid was being brought up by her boy (nw an ex) plus she was also sleepin with two other blokes ..
Got PREGNANT again and her bf at tht time obviously thought it was his, she played along until he losted his job and then all of a sudden it was one of the other blokes.. she kept tellin ppl he was the dad and tellin him... he keep all txts from her and went to a solictor straight away and she had to go to court a DNA was ordered and turned out he wasnt even the dad and the last fella left town and wants nuffin to do with it ... now she stuck on the dole looking after 2 kids on her own and bearly has a friend as she told so many lies ..

Do a DNA (dont be cheeky etc if she send nasty txt or fb post etc .. keep all)
that the only way you will deffo no if you are the father ...

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Thats a good point cminamyer.

i had 2 ultra sounds and my due date was chnged from feb 14th until feb 6th as i was a little further on that i expected..

the ultra sund does say on it hw far along she is .. such a 12wks 2d on the we scan pic ..

if she insists you are the father ask to see it and see for your self hw far along she actually is .. cuz she cld give you a date that wrks out its urs wen it may nt be and use the excuz that she is over due ... sum we girls are quite smart these days when it comes to that ..

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tnx everyone for your concern.. i remembered she had her period on may 22nd would that still consider me as the father im  not sure if we had sex while she was haveing her period or not
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from what i have read and researched the chances are so slim that she could ovulate while on her period but even then the dates dont match up for her due date based on her having a period that date. but still best thing for you is to have a DNA test when baby is born. It is really the only thing that you can do to put your mind at ease either eway.
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and she was not sleeping with other guys while she was with me not after may 25th
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I thought she was sleeping with other guys??? Just out of curiousity have you seen her since you broke up or just talked on the phone?? She isnt trying to just make you mad is she?
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yeah we have been seeing each  lately i have been taking her to her appointment and stuff.. she wasnt sleeping with other guys when we were together but after we broke up on may 25th,, she started to have sex with other guys... im thinking we has sex on the 23rd while she still has her period
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well still best bet is wait til the baby is born and have the DNA done. She cant deny that to you and if she has problems with you doing that then get a judge to order it. it will cost money to do that but better to know for sure.
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so there is a greater chance that i am NOT the father of the child am i right??
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She would of conceived around June 2nd so if she slept with anyone else other than you between may 26th & June 2nd the baby is most likely not yours. But if she claimes she didn't then it could be yours.. It is so close together though you are better off with a DNA test.
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