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Anyone getting a little annoyed with their dogs?? My other half has a cross bread its a big 31kg dog that thinks shes the size of a pug and  does not like to be left alone and is constantly wanting attention she is really really starting to depress me i cant stand her she smells and follows me around she throws up in the kitchen, poos in the garage and malts everywhere i put her outside and can hear her wining constantly im fed up of hovering the floor to get rid of her disgusting hair im debating leaving the house til the baby arrives i dont know what to do he wont get rid of her she demands all the time and not sure if i can cope with a dog and a baby on my own when my partner has to go to work. Plz help!!!
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Yes lol I am incredibly irritated by my dog George he's a shar pei also a big dog,  but I would be lost without him when your hormones calm down I'm sure you'll have more patience with pooch x
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Oh goodness.  I'm sorry.  Did you at one time adore the dog or have you always kind of been so so on her?  I ask that because I absolutely adored my doggie and then when I had our first child . .  .  she became . . .   not my baby anymore but A DOG.  I was just too busy with childcare and loving on my true baby to give her the time and attention I once had.  Boo, feel a little bad about that.  I'm sure she was confused.  

But I have a friend that was never in love with her dog so that when the dog just represented more work, she was not thrilled.  If this is the case, maybe you know of someone that would like to take her?  As in rehoming her.  I only say that because I don't want you to be so frustrated with her and unhappy.  Or, explain how you are feeling and ask your partner to step up to the plate with her.  For him to do more to care for the dog and have the dog fall more under his responsibilities.  AND< perhaps a good dog trainer would be in order.  A dog should go to the bathroom outside only and learn manners and if you tell them to sit and stay that they do it.  so, I'd get some dog training for your pooch to see if that helps.

My dog is one of the joys of my life.  But sometimes we do just have too much to do and take care of to appreciate them.  My dog is back to being one of my kids and she is happy with that . . .  especially since she is now part of a litter!  But there were a few times in which I thought "dog . . .   I've had it with you!" which is out of character and I'd never felt that way until I had the baby.  

Hang in there.  
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I totally understand how you feel. I am a pet lover and i always have been. My bf and i are currently staying at his dad's house, and they have a little dog i think it's called a shih tzu (sp). They don't take care of the dog. He smells disgusting, he looks fat and he's got gunk in his eyes. He constantly follows me and sniffs me, but when he sniffs me he sneezes and blows his snot all over me. He pees everywhere, poops everywhere, and if you leave any drink or food out, he comes and eats it. Maybe it's just the pregnancy. Idk. But i really hate this dog right now.
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I was ok with her at first but we had only had her 2 months before i got pregnant and now she just irritates me so much i canr stand her she causes so many arguments with me and my husband just keep thinking let it go over my head but i look at her and want to vomit lol i keep her outside atm and i shut the doors so i camt here her sje stays in the carport outside the back door so i dont feel to guilty when it rains lol
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I have a lil chihuahaua. 5 months old & I love him sooooo much lol. But yea he does annoy me at time cuss EVERYTIME I lay down he just wants to lay on top of me or my belly. I be like "omg get the fuckkk offf" lol & push him away. But other than that he doesnt annoy me that much. Just with that part (: lol. But shes just a doggy. She doesnt understand , you probably dont like her while she probably likes you alot lol. More now because I heard dogs can feel the baby. But just hang in there (: I dont think its that bad. & if she stinky then tell your Bf to SHOWER HER!!! !!haha goodluck (:
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Aww lol im the same way!! I love my girl so much shes a bischon frise (spell check) but omg she annoys me sooooo much and I get so mad but I feel soooo bad after then I give her loveys untill she anoyys me again , which is really easy lol shes prolly like wtf your bipolar but I know its just my hormones so I feel guilty
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Omg yes! I thought I was crazy. Ever since I've become pregnant I cannot stand my dog! Before I would love on her, now I just don't want her to be around. She annoys the crap out of me. We live on the 3rd floor in our apartment complex and I have to carry my 19 month old up and down the stairs six times a day to take her out. And to top it off she has been pooping and peeing in her cage 5 times out of the week every morning and she gets taking out every night before she goes in her cage. I'm fed up but my husband will not get rid of her even tho I am the one at home taking care of her every day. I don't know how it's going to be with a 2 yr old, a newborn, & cleaning up after her every day.
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Im really hoping it all changes after little man is here and ill go back to liking her again but unfortunately there just wont be enuf room for a 31kg dog to rome around the living room when he does arrive its just to small and she dossnt realise how big she is she will be staying in the carport most of the day im sure my bunny will keep her company though and she is definitely band from upstairs permantly.
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I have a small chiuhaha who was my baby and I loved so much!!!! i would walk him an let him sleep wit me sweetest smartest dog ever but ever since I became pregnant I randomly tell at him for being in my way whn walking an I feel so bad I sometimes let him sleep with me but I toss an turn an constantly have to move the puppy so I can get comfortable but I put him on the ground or outsid the room an he will sit sbd scratch st my door I get so mad an then I feel horrible :( idk if I'm bi polar crazy or just pregnant any more lol but he always wants to cuddle with me
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Its awful isnt it i do feel bad sometimes for the way i treat her shes a good dog really. Shes trained with sit and stay and give paw and she wont eat her food till we say ok after putting it on the ground and if u tell her to go away she will she doesnt bark at all but just follows my husband everywhere around the house and as soon as ppl come thru the door shes up at the baby gate wining and wanting a mard. I sit on the sofa and shes sat at the gate pining for attention constantly and shes also very very dominant with other dogs wich worries me like hell after reading on google about dominance with dogs and children she already hates me being near my husband as soon as i hug him or kiss him shes straight up by his side wining as if to say no fuss me instead!!
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I am starting to get a bit upset with my dogs they're mini schnauzer and one of them is ok and the othe kind of over grew by like 30lbs and im not even supposed to lift him cuase hes over 50lbs and he thinks hes a lap dog. He follows me everywher in i sit down he throws himself one me and hes always trying to cuddle my belly but hes to big and he knows all the basic commands and every thing and it gets to the point were he will come and wake me up if I've been away from him for to long its terrible but i guess its cause he loves me.
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I have 2 cats and I used to love them but now I wish death upon them.. Lol I can't handle 2 cats and a baby idk what to do because I love them both but its just to hard already and my baby girl isn't even here yet!
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