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depressed and upset overdue

I am so frustrated and want to cry so bad because this baby won't come out. Ftm and I'm 40 weeks and 2 days. I don't know what to do. I am not even dialated at all I tried everything, but nothing works. My next appointment is this Thursday. If she don't come out by then wel have to schedule a day to be induced. I'm so paranoid n wish she would just come out already! If she doesnt can I schedule for c section instead of inducing because since I'm not opened yet it will still lead to c section anyways so what's the point, but question is will they let me get c section instead?
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They don't give you a csection unless it's absolutely needed, getting induced and not being dilated does not mean you'll end up with a csection anyway. If you are not dilated by the time of induction they will first put this thing called cervidil on your cervix to soften it. It will be okay, you will not have a csection unless it's needed, you actually prefer a vaginal delivery than surgery, believe me, I ended up with a csection after trying to push out my first daughter for 4hrs. Recovery is harder and longer.
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Well just because your not dilated doesnt mean your induction will not work. Ive been induced twice and I was not dilated with one of them. My induction still worked. An elective c section is something you need to ask your doc about. Some will do it, some wont. My advice, just go with a vaginal birth hun. A c section is major abdominal surgery and takes so much longer to recover from. Vaginal deliveries are not bad at all. Ur baby is just super comfy, hang in there, I know the wait is killer. Im a mommy of 3, its hard not to get impatient. :) good luck
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Awww :(
Just be more patient hun. I know that you're ready to see your little doll but it's best to have her vaginally. C sections cause a great deal of pain afterwards trust me! Plus your Dr probably had your due date off by a week which is somewhat common. With my last pregnancy I did squats and you can watch a tutorial on YouTube on how to do them correctly. I also used Primrose oil to soften my cervix and I gave birth 3 days after using it. Google it hun. Good luck to you and your beautiful baby... Stop worrying yourself and stressing out.
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Estimated due dates are frequently off by 2 weeks. I has my first at 42+3. Some bodies soften and dilate in hours, others take weeks in advance. Now is the time to trust your body and not be forced into anything you do not want. Look into natural and thr medical options you have. Be informed before going to the doctor. It is your daughter's and your health, advocate for yourself. Did you know your daughter's brain development with trigger your body to start labor? If your baby isn't ready, your body will not start labor.

I don't beleive most people want to recover from major abdominal surgery while tending to the needs of a newborn. It isn't somwthing to take lightly.
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Thank you girls for all the advice! I am very grateful! I will prepare myself for induction and vagina birth and will no longer think of a C section. My appointment is on Thursday so whenever the doctor tells me when my induction is I will be prepare for it. I just hope she will come before the induction date. I'm trying to not get epidural since I have scoliosis. I wish I wasn't in this state, but I am so I will have to deal with it.
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I was induced at 39+5 due to low amniotic fluids. I ended up having a c section. I was absolutely terrified, but my recovery was SO easy. If you end up NEEDING a c section, remember that everyone's body is different and handles things like major surgery differently too. C sections aren't always that bad.
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