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epidural vs natural... im in need of opinions!!!

I always assumed that I would have an epidural but yesterday the thought occurred to me that I might want to try things unmedicated. I think what may have sparked it was that my doctor was surprised by how low in me the baby is positioned (Im 36 weeks). My cervix isnt dilated but it ha begun to efface. She said that once labor got started there wouldnt need to be a lot of pushing and that it would be an "easy labor". I think that may have sparked the thought of going ahead and trying it natural just for the sake of trying it. I have been weighing some of the pros and cons in my head but seeing as I have never had a baby before Im still not sure because Im lacking the practical understanding. SO for those of you who have used one or the other what did you think? Im looking for some opinions on both methods or some pros or cons that you girls may have towards one or the other (in case there is one I havent considered that maybe I should)
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Well I use a midwife and with my son I delivered at a birthing center, plan on it again this time around. I wanted to do it all natural as I felt it was best for me to try. No option for an epidural unless I had to go to the hospital for some reason. I had a great experience and wasn't in too much pain until the last few hours. I pushed for 1 hour and 20 min. and supposedly, my midwife said that was pretty quick for a first timer, although I know others have probably pushed for less time the first time around. You just never know how long you are going to be pushing. If you really want to try things naturally, plan everything out and tell your doc what your plans are, just know they could change at any moment if it's in the baby's best interest. You can always get an epidural if you don't think you could do it naturally. It's nice to be able to have that option available. I am just terrified of needles and also about being numb for such a long time. So I'm a chicken. I'm sure other ladies on here who have had the epidural can you give their experience. =) Good luck!!
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I think it is totally normal to not have any idea what you want to do when it's your first.
When I went into labour with my son, I didn't want an epidural. I was against the thought of it and I did pretty good. I got to 7 1/2 cm without any pain medication, but the doctor insisted on breaking my water so he also insisted on me getting an epidural. I didn't want it, and unfortunately the hospital I had my son at thought I was incapable of making that decision based on my being only 18 years old. Anyways, I got the epidural and it didn't really work. It made me extremly uncomfortable and just made my back sore rather than stopping any other pain. So I suppose you could say I went without an epidural. I did however take full advantage of the laughing gas; beautiful stuff that is! lol
This time around I plan on going as far as I can without an epidural. My doctor is predicting a quick labour so hopefully that will be the case and I can go med free.
Also, side effects I had from the epidural was that it hit a nerve in my back. Ever since I had my son 3 1/2 years ago I get a pinching feeling in my back to the left side where the epidural was placed. Now my left arm goes numb randomly.
But good luck, and remember, why not try going natural, if you need the epidural, then ask for it! :)
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I recently posted a journal entry with a link to an amazing L&D nurse's blog. She is a nurse, in a hospital, but she encourages women to labor and birth naturally.

I've personally had epidurals in the past but this nurse has inspired me so much to try natural this time! My sister gave birth to her three daughters naturally.

Things come up and maybe I won't be able to but TRYING is what counts! You really won't know exactly what to expect until you are in that moment. So if you feel you want to try natural, go for it! And don't feel bad if you end up asking for an epidural.
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I had got the epidural with my son and my daughter..i loved it because i felt no pain what so ever with either..and the epidural feels so good..lol but i felt no pain when they put it in or anything..i have no problems from them either..after i had my son i heard a lady giving birth beside me and it scared the **** out of me..the nurse came in my room shortly after and told me "thats what happens when you dont get the epidural!" and the same thing happened when i had my daughter..i just get so freaked out with hearing those girls go through all of that pain..it really scares me..sometimes it sounds like as if someone is killing them or something..seriously....so i'd rather have the drugs...lol my kids are perfectly fine and normal..none of them had any problems..my son is above his class at school! so it's really up to you..if you can handle that pain..go for it..but im too much of a chicken to not deal with that pain!
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I too went in adament that I was not going to use any drugs however, I ended up having an epidural after 12 hours of labour and it only gave me relief for 4 hours.  It was the best 4 hours.  I spent another 7 hours without anything (including pushing) and to this day am so glad that I was able to feel her arrival.  I am going to try do it all natural with this next babe but am going to keep the epidural option open if labour is really long again.  I have not experienced any negative side effects from the epidural.  
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Just my opinion...
If this is your first baby, I wouldn't *plan* on an epidural.  All women labor differently, who knows, you may be one of the lucky ones who go in and deliver within an hour or two (let's hope, huh?)!  It is difficult to know wat labor will be like until you're in it.  Know that an epidural is an option you can use if you need it.

Personally, I have had my three naturally because I have a deathly fear of needles = ).

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