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fit question for pregoo peeps.plz anwser im itching to start

So i have always been into health and fitness. I finished insanity and got the t-shirt :) aaahhh it was a greaaatt feeling and my body looked amazing. I lost 50 pounds doing so. Shortly after i bumped up the challenge and started doing insanity asilum!(omg it was the best hard working earned workout i ever done) but in the middle of it i found out i was pregnant and had too stop bexause i didnt want too harm my baby. My hubby is a personal trainer so him and i did both togethet and some.

My question im 5weeks today and was wondering when did you guys IF any one worked out during pregnancy what montg did you start? And what exercise did yall do?.

If you all are in recovery after birth or if anyone isnt preggo comment if u guys need advice on loosing weight!! I CAN HELP AND IT MAKES ME HAPPY TO GIVE ADVICE(:
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Help me!  I need to lose weight after i give birth. I'm due in January and i plan on starting a diet after my 6 week checkup. Can u help me?
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I inboxed you!!
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I lost about 25 pounds before getting pregnant and was really into the whole lifestyle. I was planning to compete in my first bikini show at the end of this year and then got pregnant in march so I obviously can't :/ I still continued my normal workouts with my trainer twice a week but in my first trimester I was really weak and unable to perform the way I could before. So I took it easy. But I'm 25 weeks now and workout about 3 times a week. I've lowered my my lifting and squatting amount significantly but havnt given it up altogether. I also take a step class as Zumba class but avoid jumping up and down cuz I feel like it will make the baby dizzy lol I'm deffinitely not as fit as I was, and I've gained 15 pounds so far but I feel like I'll be able to get back in shape quicker after the baby since I didn't totally quit my workout routine.
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You can continue your workouts just make sure you aren't over doing it and staying well hydrated. I am 15 weeks and I'll spend a hour and a half at the gym still.  Just later in your pregnancy you will have to modify your workouts a lot. Can always look up fitpregnancy.
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You guys are sooo much help!! I was over here streasing thinking i couldnt workout till i got farther along. Lol i pretty much feel sick if i dont work out.

So what kind of prego workouts is safe to do? I am gonna do t25 moderate!! I just love shante and pluss i cant get to the gym till after my hubby is off work.

How about sqauts and push ups as well? Only reason i stopped working out is because my mom told me she would be less worried if i did and its safer for baby but i cant stay away . I do walk each night tho!
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I still do squats and push ups. After about 20 weeks I think is when you are more limited. You aren't supposed to do anything that requires u to lay on your back since the weight of your uterus puts pressure on some nerves that could block oxygen to the baby. And also, just listen to your body! You most likely will not be able to workout the way you could before and that can be a little discouraging but just remember that this time in your life is about the baby, not you :)  I do less reps but more sets now that I'm pregnant. Like before I would do 3 sets of 15 reps. But now I have trouble making it to 15 lol so I do like 4 or 5 sets of 10 instead with breaks in between. The farther along u get, you'll notice that your heart rate picks up much sooner and u get out of breath faster. So just take it easy
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I continued my regular work out until about 24-28 weeks. I did cardio, squats and weights. I'm now 37 weeks can't do much anymore but I walk at least 2 miles a day and do squats. I personally felt really good through out my pregnancy working out and got so many compliments about how amazing my body looks. Make sure not to overdue yourself. I really hope I bounce right back to my regular weight after birth. Can't wait to start working out again.
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Lucky.. I did insantity once & passed out on the warm up of the first cd lol. I preferred to go to the gym before my pregnancy lol but now I'm buying insanity to challenge myself after giving birth. I just stick to squats, lunges, wall sits, and a few arm work outs.
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I did jazzercize during pregnancy and before I just worked out on my own.... I Idols just consult your doctor though and they will tell you what's ok and what isn't.... I was just told not to work out to lose weight and to remain healthy.... So glad I did stay active because I got him out in 6 pushes and have been recovering very well (for having torn)
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