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I am 33w5d with my first and am so excited but I was wondering somethings about baby.

when I was little my skin was so sensative, I couldnt wear denim or any tight clothing or id break out in a rash.

Is sensative skin genetic? Do you think ill have to use a certain brand of diapers for my lil man?

And I had collic when I was a baby.

Is collic genetic? How do I prevent my baby from getting it?
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Bump.. Any advive helps..
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I don't think allergies are nessasary genetic out of 7 kids that my parents had only my little sister has bad allergies like to certain dogs, ducks, food, hamsters. She either gets rashes or breaks out and or face gets swollen. And nobody else has them not parents or either side. My dad ,lil brother and I get really bad allergies in the spring due to the pollen of the air but its just sneezing and watery eyes, Idk if that's genetic or not though.
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Can't say much about the collic. I am also worried about my little man getting it as I had it as a baby, along with pneomonea. I have a very weak immune system and am hoping he takes after his dad and not me. I know my mom and dad both have allergys and none of me and my 2 siblings inherited any of thier allergies.
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I would say sensitive skin could be genetic, but I don't think colic is.  I have never heard of colic being genetic.  As for allergies I believe they are, my son, just like his father has allergies to the same things.
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Thanks for the replys!
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I have sensitive skin...and so does my two year old...its def genetic...certain diapers make her get a rash...i use dreft detergent on her clothes...
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Thanks, I already bought a bottle of dreft.
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Colic is not genetic. If your baby ends up having colic, ask the pediatrician about a prescription known as Levsin. It is 4 small drops in his mouth per day before a bottle, and he never had colic issues again!
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Thanks, I never heard of that before, I hope my lil man dont get collic but id like to be prepared if he does.
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Sensetive skin can be genetic, but that doesn't mean your baby will suffer with it..I have sensetive skin and only one of my three girls suffers with it too!! As for colic, my 3 havnt had probs with it n hope this little guy doesn't either!!
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