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getting pregnant after the depo

hey everyone im new here but it looks like you all give some great advice. i know there have been alot of questions about getting pregnant after the depo shot but id figured id ask mine anyway. i started taking the shot in oct.07 and didnt go back for my shot this month (july 08) i havent gotten a period yet but i have been cramping like i should get it. my boyfiend and i want another baby so we were wondering how long its going to take. most things i read said it was going to take 6-18months we were really hoping not to wait that long. does anyone have any advice on how to speed things up or are we just going to have to wait and see....
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I was on the shot for 3 years.  It has been about a year for me and I am now able to TTC.  Then again, it is different for every body.  I know that the chances of you getting pregnant without a period are slim to none, at least what my dr. told me.  I was told to wait and see.  Anyways, good luck and lots of baby dust!!!!
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I was on Depo for 3 years as well. My OBGYN said I was one of the lucky ppl who got they're period the month I missed my depo. However it was a week or two later than I expected it.

I also had to deal with VERY tender nipples and BB's and things like that. It was like PMS from H*ll.

The average time to get pregnant after Depo is 6-12 months. My OBGYN actually told me to get on BC right after I have my son because he consideres me to be very fertile. (We BD 1 time 3 days before I ovulated.. and got the happy suprise of being pregnant)

I did go on nuvaring for 3 months after depo, and then used NFP or natural family planning for another 2-3months before getting pregnant. so my timing was about 6 months after depo.

If you want to find out if your ovulating then use OPK's. they'll tell you definitely. the reason women take so long after depo to get pregnant is they're bodies dont' ovulate like they should at first.
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I was on depo for over a year and my dr sd not to expect anything for about 9 months after I quit taking it. Sure enough 9 months later I ended up prego!!
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we are keeping our fingers crossed and doing alot of trying....someone suggested that i try useing an ovulation calendar but im not sure how i go about this since i have no idea when the first day of my last period was also i did have some light spotting about 2 weeks after my shot was due...does this make any differance?
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i was on depo for 9 months, have been of it now for almost 5 months. and i am trying and nothing. it could take a long time you might find yourself pregnant next week. it just depends on your body. be patient.
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i was on depo for two years. i got off the depo in january 2007. i then went onto the pill which i stoped taking in october, i had my period in november and i was pregnant the next cycle. i was recomended to go on the pill to regulate my cycles after depo.
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