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how much is a 7wk old baby saposto weigh??

so my son will be 7wks on friday and he already weighs 13lbs i feed him 3-4oz every 2-3hrs and just give him a little water sometimes. but i feel like he is way over weight im scared...he was born weighing 8lbs 110z. is this way over weight?
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Babies can't be overweight. Some are just larger than others! The fact that he was close to 9 pounds when born is a great indication that he will be a larger baby. My youngest was 8 lbs 8 ounces when born and she is STILL big! She's 20 months old now.

When she was 6 months old she was wearing 12-18 month clothing. She has slowed down (they usually do after their 1st birthday) and is in 18-24 month clothing. She's just really TALL.

Sounds like your boy is growing and healthy!
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If your pediatrician is not worried about it I wouldn't be.  Sounds like he is eating like a normal baby.  I think all parents wonder if their child weighs more/less than they should.  I am sure everything is fine.  If it a problem, then your ped will say something at his next check up.
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Trying to search for normal baby weights is insane! But I did find this chart for you:


Looks like your baby is just fine. Don't mind that it's on a disabled website. It's the only chart I could find!
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my daughter is 7 weeks old and is being weighed in adout 2 hrs so ill let you know later what she is she was 11lb when she was born at 39 weeks and was 13 lb at 2 weeks so you son seems fine to me my wee one is breast fed so i dont know how much she east but she can go relly long between feeds
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don't worry! my son was 5lbs. 8oz. at birth and by his  first check-up at 8 weeks he weighed almost 16 lbs. he was also in 12 months clothing at around 7 months and is now wearing 3t-4t at 30 months......he is also very tall 38 inches & 34 lbs. my lil brother is 39 inches & 35 lbs. at 40 months so they are very close in age and weight!!! your lil one will be fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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His weight is ok but you shouldn't be giving him water.
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My son is 7 weeks today, and weighs a little over 14 pounds!! So no worries. Yours is just a big guy like mine, and in my opinion thats a good thing! I breastfeed my son exlusively, on demand. On a typical day he eats every 1.5-2 hours for about 20-25 minutes. He does have days where he wants to eat like every hour though... those days are really demanding!! And you really don't need to be giving water, unless of course your pediatrician recommended it but I can't think of a reason why?!

Again, no worries... sounds like you've got a healthy growing boy. :)
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My daughter is almost 3 months and she weights 11 pounds 12 ounces. She was 7 pounds 9 ounces at birth. Like others have said... if your baby's doctor isn't worried, then he is fine! It is good that he is gaining weight! Next time you go to the doctors, ask the pediatrician for a growth chart. It will tell you what percentiles your child is in in regards to weight, height, and head circumference.
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