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kitty litter

So my roommate has 5 cats and only 2 litter boxes. One is right outside my door and it stinks. I have asked them three times to move it and they refuse to, saying the cats are used to it being there. the cats pee pretty much everywhere. Knowing its not healthy to begin with, will that hurt my unborn? I'm looking to move anyways. These roomies just cause me stress. But I'm curious if it can harm me and the bundle?
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I think its if you change the litter box then its the problem but I'm not 100% on that cuz I don't have a kitty
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Ive heard cat poop can cause blindness
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No, it won't hurt you, but I would move anyway.  They don't sound like very considerate roommates.  

If they don't change the litter very often AND if the cats go outdoors, there is a slim chance of toxoplasmosis, but for you to get it,
a) the cat would have to have the protozoa, i.e., be sick,
b) the poop would need to be several days old,
c) you would need to touch the poop, and
d) you would need to put some of the protozoa in your mouth from the poop.  
I don't see you doing that (and cats don't get toxoplasmosis that often, and indoor cats don't get exposed to it.  It comes from the soil).  
Don't know where teregarcalva got that thing about blindness but it is not true.  
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Yea I never heard about the blindness thing either if that were true I would have been blind since birth haha
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i have 2 cats and 2 litter boxes. i don't clean them out because my boyfriend does it for me. i wouldn't being around it hun. MAKE them move it
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You do have to injest it for it to be harmful, and toxoplasmosis can cause mental retardation, not blindness. As long as your not the one touching the litter box you should be fine. But it is very inconsiderate of your roomies to not move it. We pregos are very sensitive to smell and that would drive me crazy.
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The one cat has a NASTY booty. I puked last time he went. I'm having my boyfriend move it tonight. Thanks for the answers mommas/soon to be mommas!
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yeah totally move it anywhere u move the cats will still be able to find it. i have moved mine around like 5times. no problems they can smell it out. so it doesnt matter if there use to it being there they can always find it no matter where u put it
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