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my "puppies"

I'm 17 years old and 20 weeks 5 days pregnant and live with my dad and my bf who is almost 20 is working on getting us a place of our own but until then he's with his parents and I see him 2 times every week. I think my puppies know I get lonely at night because my 3 pit bulls lilo stitch and Oreo all climb in my Queen sized bed and curl up with me. One in the small of my back one in the bend of the back of my knees and the 3rd in front of me against my belly. They're really sweet dogs And people are really nervous about me introducing my little one to them when its time. I mean pit bulls aren't all vicious mine will just lick u to death Lol. Do u all have anyone whose worried about that too?
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Lol my 3 dogs sleep just like that too, and i share the bed with my hubby... i have a pit, s beagle, and a st bernard pit mix and people always give me a crazy look when i mention the pits but I'm deff not worried, all of them are great around kids and the pits are both female and very protective over my belly already. One sleeps with her paw on my belly and waits outside the bathroom when i Go every time.they will make great sisters to my little man :)
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Lol lilo and oreo are females and one time my bf came down and he went to go touch my belly and the snipped at him I laughed it was hilarious they're really just misunderstood dogs :) I'm having a little girl
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Congrats on the little boy btw Lol
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congrats ! The theory people claim to have on pitbulls is too much . There really sweet dogs protective & affectionate . If an animal has an owner that "doesnt care" the dog doesnt . Personality can come from what an owner raises a dog around there not bad dogs sometimes its the owners that give the dog a bad name or dont know how to handle them
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Pit bulls are great "nanny dogs". Although with anypet its super important not to leave them unsupervised with any infant. I have a toy poodle mix and am actually worried about her. She hates babies and children so it'll be a big adjustment.
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lol I have a pit bull and his name is Nitro, he's a cuddle buddy, no one has said anything to me about introducing the baby to him when he/she is born I assume because they all know he's a big wuss... lol He's not even 2 yet and he's just a lover... Almost 70lbs and still tries to crawl in my lap.. oy. :)
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I read online to prepare your dogs by playing audio of a baby crying a few weeks before baby comes home. also the little hat or socks that baby wear have someone bring it home and have the dogs take a wif that way when baby comes home he or she will be a part of the family already.
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We have a boxer we just got him before new years. Hes bonded with us. But has seperation anxiety. We know hes attached. Were also worried about jelousy issues.
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Im 17 yrs old too but im a little over 16 weeks how wild :)
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Pits r amazing !!!!! My sister is a nanny and all of the kids know princess!!!!! They dress her up and climb all over her and she actually looks like she enjoys it!!!!!! I am 100% supportive if the reason behind their bad rep is all about the owner!!!!!

On another note.....another tip about getting our puppies used to baby is to start carrying the car seat in and out of the house every time you come or go a few weeks before the big day so they get used to it!!!! The stroller as well!!!! That way when mom n dad come home for the first time with a strange thing and a little person inside they don't go overboard!!!!!!
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People are worried about my pit too, shes still real young but shes a sweetie and a cuddler(: I was told to have someone come home before you with a blanket the babys been wrapped up in and let them smell it before you bring your baby home. Goodluck!
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I get nervous about any dog being around babies. My general rule of thumb, never leave your child alone with the dog.  Your child may do something that scares or startles the dog, and that is when they can react bad.
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I've got a 90 pound bull mastiff and I'm not worried about her at all when my 2 and 3 year old neices are over she is like a nanny.  Usually when you go up and down the stairs she goes at the same time as you and runs into your legs but I thought it was so cute when the girls were going up and down shed wait at either the top or bottom until they arrived and then proceded.  She's such a baby!
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Lol well my pits have a tendency to become rowdy and they don't know their strength that's the only thing ppl worry about and Lol yea how wild :)
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And metalmum mine have that problem too also the smallest lilo if u don't pay attention to her she will get up under your feet til u do
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I've also got a great sand and bull mastiff pit mix those 2 are amazing the mix has got a tumor we just found and doesn't have long so we are hoping the Dane won't take it too badly seeing as how we've had her since she was a pup with the mix and hope the baby might become her new priority.
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