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ovarian cystectomy

hi im an 18 year old girl and have been told that i have a cyst inside my left ovary, it's 6inchs, and im having an ovarian cystectomy on the 24th september this year. they haven't told me much about how they are going to do it, and if they need to remove the whole left ovary. i'm sooo scared i might not be able to have children coz all that i have ever wanted is my own baby. just want to know if it will affect my chances of concieveing. as son as i heal from this operation me and my fiance are going to start trying coz we don't wana risk never having a baby. is this a bad idea?? i dont wana lose both sides. advise please im sooo scared :( xx
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Well they won't know if they need to remove the whole ovary or not until they are in there. Sonogram and technology just aren't the same as actually getting in there to see what's going on. 6 inches is REALLY big- do you mean 6 cm? Most cysts burst when they reach a certain size.

Anyway, women can conceive with one ovary in the event you do lose your left one. I know you're scared but it's far better to remove a cyst of that size than to leave it alone.
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I would get a cyst of that size removed...Like Joy said, usually they burst when they hit a certain size and you don't want an ovary to burst. I had 1/2 my right ovary removed when I was 18, and I don't believe that impacted my fertility all that much - I have endo and PCOS as well, so that put a damper on things in the baby world. But I have gotten p/g 3 times - We have a son is will be 3 soon, had a m/c, now I'm 17wks pregnant. There are plenty of women on the Fertility forum that could probably be of help to your situation. Good Luck and keep us posted :-)
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it is 6 inches!! and i hear that people have it on the outside, but mine is the inside. i got told thatwen they found it, it was only 3 inches. but its size has increased. they have made me wait 8 months for this op too. they beleieve i was born with polycystic ovaries, but not to sure yet. so im scared i may lose the other side later on in life too, if it needs to be removed, i just dont see how they are going to get it out without causing serious damage to the left ovary. and do you think trying for a child is good? once i have healed. me and my partner both really want a child, and we have a very stable relationship. please reply x
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I believe you can ask them to harvest your eggs, as well, if that would make you feel better. I would discuss that option so that, pending anything does happen, you can still do IVF with your frozen embryos later in life.

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yeah true i just really wana do it the natural way but i may not have that chance. i mean do u think its a good idea to try after ive healed from the op?? x
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