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hi all. I have 5 weeks left until i have my baby & i feel like im going crazy. My partner was invited to a stag nite nitet  last sat nite & i told him to go & i planned to go to the cinema with friends, then i changed my mind & didnt want to go to cinema but he still went to stag & i got angry. He left at 5 and didnt come home until 3 next morning. I stayed home drinking cause i was really sad & stupid i know. next day i asked him was he talking to women & he said he went to a nightclub & yes he was talking to women. I just feel so low & like he wants to be with another woman. We dont make love anymore he never even lets me no he still fancys me. We kind of made up & then today we were talkn & he said a certain woman is oo oo oo, really goodlooking i got angry & jealous again & told him if he wants another woman to go. I feel so low with myself & feel like im going mad. I am worried i hurt my child by drinking sat, i just feel like im falling apart. 2 weeks ago we had a fight 2 & he stayed away all weekend drinking with his friends & left me alone all weekend
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Why on earth would you drink while pregnant? No matter your mood, you have a responsibility to that child. If you aren't ready to be a parent, then put the poor thing up for adoption.

You don't have long to go so hang in there... It is hard but you will have your body back soon. Be strong and make some rules with your guy. If he won't look after you and respect you, then get rid of him.

You both have the child to think of now.

Put what it needs first, or give it to someone who will.
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first of all...i have no choice but to not feel sorry for you!! You have five weeks until your baby comes and you stayed home drinking!!! That is not an option when your pregnant...im sorry but its just not!! You should have found another way to comfort yourself like call a friend or family member!! write down your feelings or something but to risk harming your unborn child?? I doo not agree with it at all...as for your b/f you told him to go..so you shouldnt have gotten mad just because your plans didnt work out! Another thing guys say stuff like that cuz they like to see there women get mad and jealouse!! There weired like that! But again to NOT commend you on drinking! I cant believe you would do such a thing! I hope you dont mind me saying but you posting that on here is going to get some bad responses that your not going to like!! You should call your doctor and tell him you were drinking and ask him to check you and make sure baby is fine! And Dont ever ever EVER drink again while pregnant..please....talk to somebody...anybody! HAve you drank any other time durning this pregnancy???
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i know what i did was really really bad & i am so worried about my baby. I made a mistake, i no im not perfect. I really want this child i had a very low moment , i didnt plan it it just happned. I cryed all day after because of what i did. I know i will be a good mother & love my child i just made a stupid mistake
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A lot of people have "very low moments" during pregnancy and don't resort to drinking.. But Im not judging you on that one, it seems you have enough guilt about it.. Just think about your little baby who can't say "no mommy I dont want that" next time you think about having a drink.  

About the boyfriend.. Get rid of him.. He isn't worth your stress.. Go live with someone else (family friend, mom, dad, grandma.. whoever) for the rest of your pregnancy and concentrate on yourself and the baby and making YOU happy.  You are the one providing an environment for that baby to grow, you need to be healthy emotionally and physically.  If your boyfriend is always acting like a jerk then dont put up with it.. No one is making you.. and Im talking from experience.. Go read some of my journal entries you will know exactly why Im telling you this.. Right now you should be focused on being a mommy not mending a relationship.. So put YOUR health first and concentrate on mending your relationship AFTER the baby is born.  Good luck.
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It sounds as if both you and your hubby/boyfriend need to do some growing up. Well A lot of growing up. First off it is very immature of you to get upset at him for still going to his stag party, even if you decided not to go to the cenima, thats your issue not his, just because you didnt want to go out, why spoil his fun?

Second, It was highly irresponsible of you to make the decision on drinking while pregnant, just because your man went out and had a good time. It isn't your babies fault that your unhappy or that his/her daddy went out all night AFTER being told he could go.

Third, It is in a man's nature to *Look* I have stressed this fact with my friends over and over again. If my man didn't look at a beautiful woman standing next to him, Id think he was gay, and using me as a cover up...Point blank. There is a fine line between looking and touching, and the way I look at it is...If he thinks the grass is greener on the other side, go for it. You cannot make a man love you, stay with you or fancy you no matter how hard you try.

Lastly- How do you expect your man to be fond of you or fancy you or be attracted to you, if your attitude and emotions show that your not happy with yourself? It is so very true that you HAVE to love yourself before anyone can love you. It's normal to feel like a beached whale during pregnancy, but if you make it so obvious and let it drag you down, it's going to drag your partner down. Men like to be with sexually secure and confident women, even if they do look like an egg with legs. If your man doesn't fancy you anymore, why keep him around? There are bigger fish in the sea, and most importantly that baby needs you more than you need that man and more than that man needs you. The main focus shouldn't be on you or jealousy or immature highschool ****, it should be focused on that baby inside you. If you can't put that baby first like it should be, then why have a baby in the first place?
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