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Echo results possible mild PH?

I'm a 47 yr old male 5'8" `165 lbs. My blood work is spot on. I had an echo 5 weeks ago for heart palpitations. The findings were all normal except for "borderline PA pressure" of 36 (mean). ejection faction was 55%, right ventricle diameter was 2.7 cm. The results were otherwise unremarkable. I am concerned about having the start of PH. There is no family history.  I am in good shape with absolutely no symptoms. I work out and race dirt bikes all without a problem. My cardiologist was not concerned. Should I get additional tests and if so what tests should I look to have done. What is the likely hood of developing PH? Several years ago I had a sleep study done which revealed minor sleep apnea which did not require treatment.   Thank you for your help.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

The scenario you describe is an extremely common one.  

1. Are you sure that the PA pressure that they reported out was the "mean" PA pressure and not the PA systolic pressure?
2. Echo is notoriously unreliable for the diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension.  Thus, in a person like yourself who has no symptoms despite being very active (outside of the palpitations) and who otherwise has what sounds like a structurally normal heart and right ventricle, etc etc I would entirely ignore the echo findings.
3. The fact that your cardiologist was not concerned is probably a sign that you have a good cardiologist!!  (do you trust him/her?). If so, I would follow your cardiologist's advice and move on...

Wishing you all the best,

Dr. Rich
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