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Chronic problems are getting to me!

I am a 33 year old male. Never had any health problems up until...

About 2 1/2 years ago I began getting tingling in my face,my right arm and my leg. I also had some heavy breathing and bouts of dizziness. At the same time I had pain that would come and go in my lower left abdominal area. Didnt matter what I ate.

I went to my general practice doctor and at the time I did not have insurance. My doctor told me it was probably just IBS and not to worry about the stomach problems. I got real dizzy at work one night and went to the ER. They ran a ct scan of my head and checked me for a stroke. All test came up clear and I had nothing wrong with me.

The problems wouldnt go away and I ended up going to a different ER two nights later and they ER doctor wanted to check me for MS. I was in the hospital and they did a MRI of my head, neck, and spine. Also ran autoimmune blood work and once again all test came back negative.

I went on about my life and the symptoms seemed to fade except for the nagging stomach issues.

As of December of 2013 I was having major stomach issues.My vision was off but not blurry. Its almost as if my eyes were seeing the same thing but not relaying the same message to my brain.I was also feeling alot of head pressure. Not a headache but pressure. So we did a MRI just to make sure. It showed no abnormalities.

I Had several bouts of throwing up and being sick at my stomach. My stool was never consistent. I had purchased insurance by this time and my GP wanted me to see a Gastro so I did. I did a full work up, Cat scan or abdominal area, colonoscopy, and blood work. They only thing he found was very mild diverticulitis.

About two weeks after this I felt great. I had started eating great and working out. Felt wonderful until I went out with some friends and had a bit to much to drink. I woke up the next day and felt terrible. I had sharp chest pains and a constant lump in my throat. I thought it was just a normal hangover but it didnt stop. So I went the following monday to see my GP again and she put me on some antibiotics just to see if I had some form of virus. Id did not work.

Since then I have had a swelling feeling in my joints, tingling in all my extremities, face, and head. My muscles feel as if they are cramping but are not. I can now feel the pain in my muscles and it feels like I have electricity traveling through my body at times.I am always tired and it has made me miss alot of work. I have moments were I feel like ive been hit by a brick and am going to fall over but I dont.  I have seen my GP and we ran all blood test for autoimmune diseases and it came back negative. X ray of my neck were negative.

I saw a cardiac dr due to the chest pain and all my test EKG, echocardiogram, stress test, and ultrasound showed I was perfectly healthy.

I am now seeing a neurologist and had another MRI done. This time of my neck and it came by negative.

I have no idea whats wrong and I feel crazy. My doctors want me to believe it could all be anxiety but these feelings are very real and making my life horrible. Any advice would be of great help.
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What other symptoms are present? I understand your concern regarding this and it is good that initial diagnostic tests were fine. If these problems persist, it is important that the underlying cause is identified. You may benefit from another doctor's evaluation. Both pathologic and psychological issues need to be ruled out .Take care and do keep us posted.
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did you ever follow up? just curious as i`ve had similar symptoms and normal results, but no real diagnosis.
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I'm so bummed out I'm brand new here typed up my story then it wouldn't . Post cause it said . I exceed ed 8,000 characterized...this site seems complex. Anyway I looked back and read this. Maybe you to have some myasis going on ..it will require over me tin shots and creamy . Vaseline e to suffocate all over get in Jacuzzi and treat hair with topical IVERMECTIN nothing else works. And you . Need shots. Also dr.s activations...don't want transferance
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