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I have chalazions in both eyes, can i go to the swimming pool?

I have chalazions in both eyes, one on my left eye, another on my right eye. I'm going to start my swimming classes at school and i would like to know if i still can swim with that in my eye, for example.. can i get the chalazions bigger if i go to the pool? or more infected? Even with googles there is always some water that goes into my eyes! And i'm probably going to have a surgery on friday and i have a swimming class thursday..
Thank you.
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How are you? A chalazion is an inflammation or blockage of the deep oil glands (Meibomian glands) within the eyelid which leads to development of a small hard mass. The inflammation can spreads beyond the eyelid and can also interfere  with vision. It is best that you avoid swimming especially if you will be having a surgery also. Discuss this with your doctor for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Thank you very much for your answer!
Yes, i have already discussed with my doctor what is the best to do and i'm not going to the swimming pool before or after the surgery. However he isn't going to remove one of the chalazions by surgery because he thinks that is too small for surgery. I forgot to ask him if I could go to the pool a week later after the surgery but still with the other small chalazions in my eye.. What do you think? Can I go to the pool or not?
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