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I might have a rare disease.....

Hi all,

I am a 23 year old male who has some health issues that after I describe them, hopefully someone will have some knowledge, answers, or experience.

I do not want to come across as a hypochondriac, but I have spoken with both my family doctor and other specialists and they were unable to help or diagnose me. I recently had an annual physical in which I explained to my Dr. some theories I had about what might be happening to my mind/body and he ordered a bunch of lab tests (CBC, tests for adrenal function, blood testosterone measurement, etc.). The only thing that came back out of normal ranges was slightly elevated blood testosterone level.

I cannot explain that in terms of any changes in my diet, stress level, environmental conditions, etc.

Some medical history that may help other members possibly help me:

1) I have had moderate to severe recurring acne since sophomore year in high school
2) I have been on two courses of Accutane which worked well, but did not prevent my acne from coming back, especially on my face
3) I have had generalized anxiety for about 10 years and it got worse after 9/11/2001

My Drs. don't seem to want to acknowledge my health problems and they don't believe the symptoms relate to a much more serious condition. The health symptoms I have are as follows:

1) I have numerous grey hairs appearing all over my head - especially pure white hairs.

2) I have noticed that compared to a few months ago, my hair all over my body and my finger nails are growing at a much faster pace. I am having to get hair cuts and cut my nails much more frequently now than from a few months ago.

3) My facial hair grows much more quickly than it did a few months ago. I never had "5 o'clock shadow" before, but now I do.

4) My acne on my face got worse about a few months ago, but is being treated by a combo of antibiotics and a topical gel. It got better early on, but has gotten worse in the past few weeks. It is now about moderate level of acne and scarring on my face.

5) Overall, even though I am on medications which help to control my anxiety, I still have sensations in my hands and feet of "unrest and unease". It seems like my muscles are very finely twitching and are not under conscious control.

Based on some research I did on my own, I asked my Drs. if I had any type of metabolic disorder, adrenal gland disorder, etc. They ran so many tests, but only found slightly elevated testosterone.

I think I have some sort of "premature aging disorder" or some condition in which my body metabolism has been thrown out of whack. Could it be that I am going through a "second puberty" or "adult puberty"? I am unable to identify what happened a few months ago that may explain the changes I have noticed.

If you have read this far, I hope you are able to help even in the slightest way.
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well the elevated test of testosterone can explain the acne and the hair growth.  In your 20s hormones are changing rapidly and unless you develope other symptoms just try and stop worrying about it.  
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Well, naturally I am not a guy; however, I do know that even a slight increase in testosterone levels in men will cause increased acne, oily skin, rapid hair and facial hair growth, anxiety, irritability, etc...  This will also cause muscle twitching.  Just a guess, but maybe the unrest you are feeling in your hands and legs/feet are caused by the testosterone increase; thus, creating more irritability.

As far as the grey hair...I turned completely grey when I was 17.  Sometimes that is a genetic thing.  Has anyone else in your family turned grey at an early age?

It's also a proven fact that we, obviously go through varying stages throughout our lives which has a definite impact on our hormone levels.  A lot think that this only happens to woman, but it has a definite impact on men as well.  With you being in your 20's, you are a definite candidate for a period in your life to go through these 'changes'.  Like 'keith101a' said, unless your start developing really strange or unique symptoms, I would chalk it up to "turning another chapter in your life" as far as your physical being is concerned.  It sounds like your doctors are on top of it.  HOWEVER, if you don't feel comfortable with this diagnosis, by all means get a second opinion.  If anything, it will relieve your concerns and may make your 'unrest' ease up a bit.

Good luck
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As I posted on another forum, some more info to potentially help others help me is posted below:

For my anxiety, I was on Lexapro 10mg/day since around the year 2000 until it stopped working for me which was recently: a few months ago.

Since then I have been on a GABA enhancer known as Klonopin. It has helped me get to sleep a little easier at night, but as I was advised, it is very short acting and its effects in keeping my anxiety at bay are short lived.

My mom has explained to me that one of her sisters went through what I seem to have gone through and am currently going through - her sister had moderate to severe acne for most of her life and she also had greying hair very early on in life. So, I do believe that I have those conditions because of genetics.

Clearly, those two conditions affect my anxiety - it seems like I am in a positive feedback loop or a cycle that keeps growing on itself: if the acne gets worse, my anxiety may get worse, if my anxiety gets worse, my acne may get worse, etc.... My only wish and desire to be happy is to have a break in this cycle...... Medicines (for my acne and anxiety) can only do so much...... I am also torn between Western and Eastern medicine too because my mom is of Asian descent, but I live in the US and am treated by western educated doctors......

That is what makes it difficult for me to live like I am because so many people don't understand what it is like to have anxiety, or severe acne, both, or worse. As I am sure so many other members on here may understand, it is so difficult to explain things to one's friends. It is hard for them to understand what you are trying to tell them about your condition and the only way they would know is by being in your shoes for one day.
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