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Morel-Lavallee’ Lesion

July 2017 I was in a motorcycle accident. I was hit from behind. I was told I had a hematoma and was sent to the Lymphodema. I had several weeks of compression done. Also physical therapy. Eventually it did get drained with over 600+ml the first time. Then was filling back up. So drained again. This was located on my right outside thigh. It started to fill again. In Oct I went up to another hospital 3hrs away. Was diagnosed with a very large Morel-Lavallee Lesion. 13 surgeries, 6 drain tube site and left opened with packing and wound vac it finally sealed. 30 plus days in the hospital. This whole time I’m losing more and more of my thigh/hip muscle and tendons. Also damaged nerves. They saved my life and my leg since it did turn septic or staph/Mercia.
I’m looking for answers to “what now?”. I just had a spinal epidural steroid today..
But there is not one person out there that has lived with the after math of this injury? Like I said mine was very large 38x6x10 it also formed tunnels. I just want to know what to expect please. I know I will never get my muscles or tendon back. But I want to badly to try to live my life as close to normal as I can with out the worry of it coming back.
Thank you
P.s I’m only 5’ tall 122lbs if that helps on how lg this was.
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No, I’m in pain management now. They are starting me in physical therapy again also.
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This case report could be you, except for the timing: https://www.woundsresearch.com/article/chronic-morel-lavall%C3%A9e-lesion-novel-minimally-invasive-method-treatment

I found half a dozen like it, and very few have had recurrences.   Do your doctors seem confident that you will not have to have further procedures, apart from re-hab and pain management?
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