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Undiagnosed condition… PLEASE HELP OUR BABY!!

I am very concerned about the health of my 6 month old Great Nephew.
His right leg and stomach have a splotchy dark discoloration. (please see attached photo) It started showing up within the first month of his birth and now just recently his bellybutton is turning a dark purple???
He had an ultrasound and no blockages were detected but there was also no diagnoses given…..all they said was that he would “probably” grow out of it??? Since then there have still been no signs of relief to his symptoms and pain… and it seems to be getting worse… He is always very fidgety, and never content. He spends most of the time screaming and crying like he is in a lot of pain, and nothing we do helps to sooth him???? I am so worried that he might have a serious health condition that is being overlooked….I am praying that you might recognize his symptoms and be able to lead me in the right direction…..
Thank You
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hey my little got a rash similar to that one right after he got roseola.. like two days later is was all over he was on antibiotic .. it has been almost week and a half ans it stills is fading but the doctor did not know what ours was either!... we are thinking a reaction to the medication or food? it was really bad
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Thank you for the advice.... I will check into roseola..... And possible medication or food allergies!

Wishing your little one a fast healthy recovery!

Thanks again.....
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