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What could be wrong with my kids

Ok I have 4 children 13 male 11 female 3 female and 2 female, all but the 2 year old have severe medical problems. they all kinda start the same first came the eczema then breathing problems then severe infections.
my 2 oldest children have had chicken pox more then a handful of times, each child has had pnuemonia at least 10 time most of the time being hospitalized, their ige levels are all above 70000, my sons list of medical problems are he was born with ...
vericose seal
phyloric stenosis
he then had rsv at age 7 months 13 months 3 years 5 years and 7 years
he has had chicken pox 7 times and shingles once
he has tourettes and ocd
he has eczema but not to severe
he had a ganglion cyst removed from his wrist
he has asgood schlagers
severe acid reflux disease
has a problem eating foods with certain textures will immidiatly thrwo the food up
severe nasal allergies
has had strep throat over 10 times had tonsils and adnoids removed and sinuses drained still gets strep throat
severe asthma he has asthma episodes all through out the day not a day goes by with out having an attack

my 11 year old  has
chicken px 5 times
rsv 3 times
pnuemonia over a dozen times
severe eczema
anaphalaxis reaction to some foods and substances
severe allergies
nasal allergies
strep throat multiple times
severe asthma associated with infection or allergy only
rhuematoid arthritis (probably from all the steroids)
ffrom age 2 to 6 had a sleep disorder
ige level over 70000
was allergic to everything that was tested for

my 3 year old has started with similar things
she has
asthma associated with illness and excertion
severe eczema
showing signs of ocd add and adhd
has had rsv 1 time
pnuemonia 4 times that was actually diagnosed

it seems the older they get the more medical problems they have does anyone know what could be wrong i have taken them to gi docs allergy docs pulm docs derm docs you name it i have done it i think they have taken more medicine then half of arizona has. i have stopped alot of the medications because it interferes with their mental disorders. some one please help cuz these drs dont work together and contradict each other

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Hello joannhansen,

This is what i came up with so far:

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Is there any chance there is something in your home such as black mold or something. The asthma and skin problems and can weaken the immune system. Just something to think about. I hope you find out the problem!
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