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perplexed in ohio

i am a 54 yr. old woman. i have a condition that is causing my bath towels, wash cloths, hand towels and my bedsheets to appear to have been bleached-they literally lose color. this has been happening for decades on a much smaller scale wit h my clothing- usually bleaching around the front of my shirt collar. i thought that it was make-up that mixed with sweat. in the last 5 years it has gotten much worse. i also notice that i have an odor on my hands that reminds me pf a "burnt" smell, the palms of my hands and a "v" shape on my neck are red. also i have osteoarthritis and degenerative disc throughout my spine. the surgeon who took 3 discs out of my neck told me that the osteoarthritis was congenital and he felt that the arthritis was so severe that it was grinding the discs away. i have been tested for numerous things but still have no answers. any ideas or even guesses would be welcome
thank you  tammy
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How are you? Sweat secretion by the sweat glands in the skin is usually acidic. Some conditions may cause a more acidic pH that can lead to the bleaching effect that you mentioned. Aside from food, metabolic disorders and underlying medical issues like diabetes may also be contributory. For proper evaluation, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Thanks so much for the info Dr. Santos. i have suspected some sort of metabolic disorder but i do have many symptoms similar to diabetes also (frequent urination-especially at night, very high triglyceride levels and high blood sugar). But unfortunately i have never gotten a diagnosis for diabetes or any answers from an endocrinologist or dermatologist after consultation.
I do so much appreciate you responding to my post. I will just continue to research and perhaps i will some day know the answer. If not, i have instructed my children to donate my body to a medical research facility so that maybe they will know someday. If any body knows of any centers that do this kind of research that information would be appreciated. Thanks again for taking the time to respond doctor. God bless

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Do get investigated for Ochronosis, especially since you had joint manifestations and have pigmentation.
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