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Breast Reconstruction -Hives

I had an implant put in my right breast about 5 years ago to correct a birth defect. About  four years ago they went in to "reposition" it, because it sat very high on my chest and did not look natural, a few months after I ended up in the hospital with a staf infection and had the implant removed. Since then the breast has caused me great pain in a localized spot. I went back about a year ago and they preformed a mammogram, ultrasounds, even an MRI and found nothing on the results. The pain was to the point of unbearable so I elected to have a biopsy done on the area, the doctor believed that it could be nerves caught in the scar tissue that was causing the discomfort. Since the procedure there has been no pain, which is great, however I have developed a new problem that the doctor doesn't seem to want to address, and I am not sure where to turn next. In the exact location where the biopsy was done I have begun developing hives - only in that 2 inch diameter area on my breast. It's very difficult to work with these hives (very unproffessional to be scratching yourself there), and Benedryl isn't doing the trick anymore, not to mention I have a hard time functioning at work on Benedryl. I'm not sure if I should see another surgeon, a dermatologist or an allergist.
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It is probably not hives, but a soft tissue injury that has resulted in a chronic irritation. The likely best way to address it will be to have that small area removed. The scar will be larger than the biopsy scar, but it will likely remove the source of the chronic irritation permanently. I would recommend seeing a plastic surgeon to have it done. But, there are other possibilities of why this area is there, and the plastic surgeon will explore those for you. I hope this helps you, respectfully,

                    arch s miller ms md facs
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