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Seromas with medial leg lift surgery

I had a medial leg lift done on 5/8/09- 3 weeks later I developed a large seroma on my left inside aspect of the knee. It was aspirated about evry other day then a JP drain was placed. It continued to put out 100cc per day of serous fluid. I also developed some small seromas on the right lag, 2 small ones around the right knee and one on the upper leg. My surgeon took me back to surgery to remove the capsule on my left knee area and used sealant to try and seal it down so fluid couldn't accumulate and he put in anpother JP drain. We left this in and injected the other 3 areas with cortisone. Finally nothing seemed to work with aspirations and drains so he took me back to surgery and removed all 4 seromas which were identified as psudo-cysts, he sealed and layer stiched  to the muscle to prevent any space where fluid could accumulate and then 1 week later my left knee filled with fluid again and he was able to aspirate about 100cc of serosang fluid and placed a JP drain again. I have now developed 2 other small areas on my right knee and upper leg, he has placed small flat drains in these and injected again with cortisone. Its been 4 weeks since he put in the JP drain and its still draining 100-200cc per day of clear serous fluid, the flat drain around my right knee continually drains serous fluid and the skin around it has become emaciated and is covered with eschar at the drain site, the one on the upper leg doesnt drain much but has created a small ulcerated area around the suture site drain.  He plans on pulling the drains out on Thursday and see what happens and surly he will have to debreed the area around the right knee. I've been on duracef for months so i've never had an infection. But we are totally at a loss. No one he has talked to or I have talked to has been able to give any information about where this fluid is coming from and what to do to stop it and why it keeps happening.
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