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Acts of kindness.

What is your favorite way to be spoiled by your partner?  

And what is your favorite way of spoiling them?
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I'm also a big through the stomach spoiler.  I like to make special treats for my husband.  Or his favorite dinner.  Nothing more satisfying than when he rubs his belly saying "wow, thank you!" (how do you like THAT imagery).  I also try to give him the hall pass from time to time.  He goes out and hangs with his guy friends watching football and talking man talk and he even gets two weekends a year with buddies.  One, they rotate cities of where his three college roommates live and all meet up for a visit and the other is a cabin in the woods in the dead of winter where they shoot guns, watch football, play poker.  I make no complaint about either weekend as my spoiling gift to him as we have kids that are quite active and need parental support and it is ALL me those weekends.  But he loves that guy time and I want him to have it.  (and bonus . . . I get the tv remote).  

He will wash my car for me!  Sounds dumb but I hate doing that!  He tries to make ME dinner occasionally.  (sometimes scary but I don't tell him that.  LOL)
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My husband giving me a creditcard and telling me to go have fun.  LOL!  Just kidding.  He makes my Chamomile tea for me every evening.  Remember I told you about the Chamomile tea Specialmom?  Back rubs are great too!  He loves to be spoil with treats.  Hot Chocolate on a cold night or a good cupcake.  His favorite......no complaints for a day.  :)
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Ahh, he sounds very sweet to you and you to him!  I do remember the tea recommendation!!  :>)
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