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Am I over-reacting to this?

My partner of a year and I were sat on the sofa and I was joking around looking at him then looking away when he noticed, just being playful I thought. But then he squeezed my leg so hard I yelped, it was really sore. I asked him why and he said he didn't find it funny and I was being annoying. When I said it hurt he said 'well people would normally say sooner that it hurt'. He did quickly apologise and I told him I was annoyed that he tried to make it sound like it was my fault. All he said was sorry though I genuinely believe he is. I just don't get why he did this instead of just saying something?! I have seen him lose temper before and hadn't saw it coming. I don't know if I'm overreacting but I still feel upset about it, I'd never hurt him. Any thoughts would be appreciated thanks.
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oh honey . . . RED FLAG.  He hurt you because you were annoying.  Think about that.  Think about relationships as they progress and that we all annoy our partners from time to time.  He's a bad bad catch because he thought it was okay to hurt you to show you that you were bothering him.  NO WAY.  You are not overreacting.  Run from this just as fast as you can!!!!!
Now imagine him doing this to your baby.... You need to leave.
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I can't tell what you're talking about.  You were looking at him,  then looking away.  Then he squeezed your leg,  which really hurt,  and he countered with well most people would say sooner that it hurt.  

I'm sorry,  I can't envision this scenario at all.  

Can you be more clear?
Need more info especially about his temper.
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girl leave before its to late and he really starts beating you .
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Not funny !  I think you already figured him out.
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