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Why do I have low labido

I am a gay man and seeing the most awesome man I've ever met. He's decent, honest and doesnt have a history of lovers like most of us gay men do. I'm 38 and he's 32. He's everthing I ever wanted in a man. Loving , devoted and would do anything for me. We dont have sex everytime we meet because neither of us have our own place. But when we do manage to be intimate , i battle to stay hard long. He manages to get hard just by me touching him and keeps his erection for a long time. He is realy oversized and he's a "bottom" (passive) so I am the "top" (active). It worries me that I dont stay hard very long. He maintains a good erection but battles to ejaculate. I can ejaculate a lot easier but usualy dont bother because he doesnt ejaculate. My biggest concern is my erectile disfunction. I am a healthy man and eat right. I do have a stressful job but shurely that should not effet my problem so much. I know we all have different problems, but mine is getting me down. I want to pleasure him and for long periods, but battle. he's madly in love with me and me with him and it doesnt really worry him as much as it does me. I sometimes take herbal tablets to help with the erection but feel that I dont want to go this route. Is there something I am lacking that causes this problem and how do I find out what it is> I dont want to go to a mens health clinic firstly because I dont have the money to do so, and secondly I have been told they will only try to prescribe Viagra, which I dont want!

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It doesn't sound like you have low libido.  It sounds to me like you have a mechanical sexual erection dysfunction.

I don't think anyone can really help you with that outside of a doctor.  You need to have your blood pressure and heart health checked.  And yes,  stress can cause this,  but it is also one of the first signs of heart problems.   It sounds to me like you have libido,  and you have a great desire to put real energy and effort into your sex life,  but there's a physical problem.

Best wishes.
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Thank you for your comments. What is the difference between low labido and erectile dysfunction and what causes this? I maintain good erections at times especially when waking up in the morning, yet when I'm with my man, it doesnt last long.
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