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bad idea?

This is not a relationship question just want to know what people think.

I have a interview for a clothing store job in the beginning of jan but I know they tend to let seasonal workers go around January so they may not need anyone new or may hire there seasonal workers. On the application for the store I applied to they let you pick a date for an interview and I picked the beginning of jan. Was that a bad idea? What are the chances of getting a job?
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Hi, yes as in january the seasons over! Hello!!!
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Yea, probably wasn't the best date to pick!
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I'm not looking for seasonal work. I'm looking for part time work and on the app it stated if you get hired between now and dec 31 it would only be for seasonal that's why I picked that day. The employer in the store also told me they are always hiring
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I'm looking for steady part time work, not just seasonal
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I think you're fine.  If you have experience and interview well,  you'll get the job!

If they're interviewing,  they're hiring.  
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Dear Bad Idea.
   If you've already sent in the paperwork then that's it.
Concentrate on your posture. Check the mall or similar stores to see what the salespeople are wearing. If you have a great pair of heels,make sure the pants are tailored to the proper length.
  If a dark suit with crisp white shirt is the preferred look, have an extra pair of hose in your handbag. Make sure shoes & bag are coordinated.
  Conservative jewelry is usually best.   Have a friend practice asking you questions. Keep your voice steady. Refrain from slang. Try not to say UMm.
     Best of luck. Let us know. Pamela
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Thanks for those who are being supportive. I'm going to the interview anyway. I'll update on how it went
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Good Luck!!! Let us know how it goes.

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