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he wants me to be a lesbian

he has no issue of me being a lesbian...i dont want to ...he never insisted me  but he says he loves it,if i make out with a girl...i am fully satisfied with him....he gave me orgasm too..he is awesom in bed........but i dont know why is he love it of me being a lesbian too
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Hi.  Many men do have a fantasy about two women together with them.  Is this what he is asking?  Well, it is okay to say no.  If you are not interested in women, you really don't have to go there.  You sound like you want to please him so much that you are willing to put aside your own feelings.  This is very dangerous in a relationship.  And often, men have girlfriends like that but then choose the woman that says no to them to marry.  That is a generalization, of course.  

But you need to express your feelings and you do not have to be with a woman just to make your boyfriend's fantasy come true if it is not something you want.  

Stay strong and be true to you.  good luck
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^ Very well put, and good advice from specialmom.

My suggestion to you, is to never do anything sexually that compromises your personal principles. Fantasies aren't always a good idea to act out; it's not uncommon for relationships to sour and go bad after a couple invites a third party or another person(s) into their relationship. Ask him if there are other fantasies that he has about you, that don't include other woman/people ~ maybe you'll find out that there is something that you both might like...

The best thing to do is to have an open conversation with him about his idea of you making out with a girl; be sure to tell him this is something you are not interested in, or not comfortable with...

Take Care
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i am comfortable now and i did it!!!:)
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As long as you're happy that you did it,  that's all that matters.
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