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long distance realtionship!

well my question is does a long distance realtionship work if there is faith and honest
and were loyal to each other.?
im actual in a long distance realtionship and me and him really love each other
the thing that gets me sad and depressed is that we live so far from each other
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I think long distance can work if it is seen as temporary.  Making plans on how to eventually live in the same area not moving in together right away when you do move where he is or he to you is good.  I say that because it is hard to experience what someone is like on a day to day basis long distance and then often people go straight to living together and have major growing pains.  

anyway, if it is temporary, then yes, it can work.  good luck
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Nothing more to add....SM summed it up once again.  
im in an ldr too myself and it can be hard but communication is key. expressing your feelings often and clearly goes a long way toward overcoming the distance. I think its not for everyone. But if you found a person who communicates and loves you enough despite everything else then hold on to them no matter how great the distance. Definitely make plans to be together and keep working toward those goals. Don't make decisions that could stale or delay those goals of reuniting. its like any relationship, you get what you put into it. IF you put other things first before your partner then you will eventually lose him/her no matter if he is near or far.you don't have to make the partner your reason for living but make him/her a priority and think about him/her often is necessary in order to stay focus on the goal of getting together in the same place. I hope this helps.
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My fiance and I were long distance (he in north carolina, me in pennsylvania) for the first two years of our relationship. However, I had lived in north carolina growing up and we had a prior platonic background.
We had bumps and rough patches but, because of our commitment, love and appreciation for what we had, we worked through those rough patches together. As was said above, communication is key! Understanding, honesty and trust are vital! Without these things, no relationship has a future especially, one without in person contact.
I agree with previous comments that you have to have plans for a face to face future. Otherwise, there is no future because obviously, the goal of any relationship is to physically live together in a committed union. Without licing close enough to date that will never be possible.
For us, it was different. I had a young son from a previous relationship so, picking up and moving in the hopes of a successful rwlationship was not a plausible option therefore, he moved to Pennsylvania. More specifically, he moved in with my son and I, while we wwwere living with my grandmother and aunt! Try that one on for size lol!
Like I said, it wasn't always peachy but, when you're committed and you appreciate one another with true love and understanding, you work through the tough times together.
We just celebrated our 5th anniversary, earlier this year. We are planning our October wedding in the front yard of our place, which we just moved into last month, finally.
Things do get better. Don't give up. Talk, compromise, trust and always find a way to laugh at the struggle. Everything else will work itself out.
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