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Has anyone had laryngeal spasms while eating?

I was reading the forum about larngeal spasms, and have had several of the same symptoms that others listed.  I did not see anyone that said anything about experiencing breathing problems while eating, however. Most of the spasms that I have had have occured during eating, usually within the first few bites. The worst was a couple of months ago.  While eating at a restaurant, I felt my throat spasm and was unable to get any air. I started to black out and finally was able to start "sucking" in small amounts of air. It was very scary and I have had several tests since then, all of which came back normal. I dread this happening again and would like to know if anyone else has had this happen.

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Your post was over a year ago, so you may not be reading here any longer. But you have what I have. I find it is much worse if I'm eating after a recent cold or mild allergies - anything that has slightly irritated my throat. Things like spicy foods and chocolates are particularly prone to causing this reaction. I'm asthmatic and have had this reaction for many years. Its scary. It feels as if the food causes some sudden post nasal drip that then puts a 'veil' over my airways. I can't think of any other way to describe it. I found the only thing that works is to outside and stand up and stretch your arms above your head - to stretch out the lungs - and look up. Try not to panic (easier said than done!). You may discover that you can breathe out through your nose. This is calming. Keep trying to stop the spasm by relaxing. Sometimes a change in temperature helps - go from colder air to warmer air or visa versa - that's why I always step outside. Usually these spasms end with a coughing fit. That's when I get a cold or hot drink and try to break up the remainder of the 'spasm'. I've never found a cure for this but at least this particular exercise helps me when I'm in the middle of one of those things. It does feel like you're dying as it happens and its very difficult to calm yourself but that is the very best thing you can do. Good luck!
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I had my first onewhile eating two days ago. it happend while swallowing and I had ti dig a piece of bread out of my throat. After I voided the bread I had to go through the squeek of air that i could hardly suck in and i started seeing spots and knew I was on my way out. No fun at all.
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I have spasms triggered by black pepper, spicy (hot) food, and once the string on a snap pea pod. It irritant can be maybe OK with lots of food or liquids, but the last bit is what gets me, like a grain of pepper swallowed at the end of a bite of hamburger. I avoid coarse ground pepper, the sample lady at Costco,etc, or food at a pot luck until someone else tries it first, and strong spicey hot or vinegary foods like Italian salad dressing. My throat is always more sensitive after throat irritation like colds and flues, or speaking a lot or loudly. Some foods help though - like cold cantalope or honeydew from the fridge.
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  I had one of my attacks today and chockd and chockd and chokd. Then it all came up from my lungs,  took a sip of tea and started all over. Done it 4 times befor my lungs were clear. Now I feel fine, just tired.
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This dreadful condition struck me whilst eating a spcy noodle soup - something that I do often without reaction. Just before I was about to lose consciousness I shoved my finger down my throat as far as I could and got a trickle of air.  Maybe it was over naturally, but because it seemed to work, I would do it again if necessary. I hope it never is.
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  I had this problem way back January11, 2012 around 8am. i feel something ticklish inside my throat while talking to my sister, and i had this urge to cough. and when i did,,therefore i exhailed but when i inhailed...i could get an air. i was in panicked. but my sister tap my back and was able to breath again. i was really aafraid and worried. it again attacked me and this time during at night..and it is really getting into my nerve. so i did see an internist. hmm i was diagnosed with asthma(which i dont have before) but still i followed all the prescriptions. but still i am still having the attack. i did an online research and i saw this site. i also learned how to do the prayatanam nostril yoga..which is really a great help. and also, i learned that the best doctor for my sympstoms is an ENT. which i visisted last tuesday. he gave me omeprazole 20mg and an antitussive meds. was adviced to see the ent again after a week. just need to follow what he said..NO COFFEE(which i love the most huhuhuh), no CARBONATED drinks..NO SPICY foods.
i followed his advices.. but last wednesday i ate a chinese noodles..sort of a spicy because of the pepper. and i had an attacked. now i am trying to get rid of it also. hoping not to have an attack. for no matter how i tried to be calm during the attack..the people around me is getting worried and usually panicks. which i dont want them to feel that for i dont want them to worry bout me.

PLEASE..cam someone help me with this problem??? do i need to take a vitamins??

kind regards to all..
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I have found that if you don't allow yourself to breath in through your mouth, and hold your arms out to the side and high, it will allow your muscle to loosen and you can breath again. it's natural to panic and try to gasp for air, but try to keep your mouth closed. You can also try to extend your stomach out as far as possible, like when we were kids and would pretend to be pregnant,  pushing it out real hard. This relaxes those same muscles which will allow the larnyx to open back up.
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Am so glad to find this website I've been suffering this seriously horrible spasms for almost 2 yes with never knowing what it was I thought was it anaphlytic reaction food allergy?? I've asked numerous doctors  in a&e and as an inpatient and they just scratched their heads and couldn't help me - appalling!!!!!! I've only just discovered today what it actually is by researching myself!

This thing makes me feel so angry and upset I can't eat food my throat is stopping me from eating I've lost so much weight and all they offered me was a food tube that doesn't solve the problem

Its literally every time I eat whether its egg, salad, vegetables, I can't eat any sauces, any sugar any bread I survive on the same every day egg, chicken or salmon and veg

My partner has phoned ambulance so many times and they check my oxygen and say its fine and there's nothing wrong, I worry what if my throat doesn't open I get it at night aswell can't sleep

It wasn't so bad for weeks and I managed to eat a bit but its come back and I haven't ate for three days just water

I need to see an ENT urgentlly I need to eat there's nothing I can do to help it I want to scream or give up I also have m.e and am bed bound but I'm worried about having a larynoscopy and what if it didn't show, I'd have to eat beforehand? And then what treatment ? I'm allergic to medication cos f this awful m.e

Can anyone offer any advice I feel so alone do they ever go away?

I've read about a magnesium calcium deficiency causing it maybe :( thanks

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This has been happening to me more and more.  My doctor did a swallowing study that showed nothing was wrong.  I have these spasms even on my own spit, or just a sip of water.  I can get air out but not in...it's extremely scary!  I will take your advice and try to not breathe through my mouth as well as your suggestion about raising my arms.  I did discover that it passes quicker if I don't panic, but it's so hard to do especially if there are other people around because they too start to freak out. Thanks for your suggestion!
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I started having laryngeal spams 10 years ago, caused even by a drop of saliva, but usually trouble swallowing liquids  I've also developed "globus sensation" - lump in the throat. And a sensitive larynx i.e. a speck of pepper.  I have met with all types of professionals, ENT, neurological, vitalstim therapy, myofunctional therapy, acupuncturist, cranial-sacral, Chinese medicine.   My problem must be caused a lot by anxiety.
What has helped is a speech therapist taught me to prevent a full on spasm by opening my mouth REALLY wide until the tickle/ urge goes away.  
Thankfully I am controlling the spams, but continual to look for a solution  to swallow naturally, once again.
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