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Tightness in chest??

So I went to the doctor cause I thought I was getting pneumonia and the Doc had me do a PFT (which was low at 70 percent) and a blood O2 test (94 percent) and said that I had bronchitis and put me on some prednisone and a z-pack. After I finshed my meds I still felt the same. So I set up another appointment and right before I went in I started to feel better but my tests only showed I improved ten percent. Then he put me on prednisone and augmentin (sp) and said that I wasnt quite better yet and had not kicked the bronchitis.

My issue is I started to feel better at the start of my my second round of antibiotics but now I feel bad again... I feel like I got tightness in the center of my chest like the top part of my lungs wont open up... I don't have to much of a cough or mucus production and no fever. But I do have asthma and do smoke since I was 18 and am now 21. I asked him if he thought I had COPD or something like that and he said no because my lung capacity was at 96 percent he also stated that he didnt think I had anything serious.

I am just worried that now it might be something serious now cause it wont go away... Is it possible that i just have a bad case of bronchitis that takes for ever to go away? Or possibly something bad...

Also my Doc did change up my asthma medication from Advair 250 to Dulera... Maybe that could be the issue.

Thanks for the input
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you need to stop smoking asap.  I've been on prednisone too- what is your dose?  I was on 30mg/day and am not sure it's safe for the liver and for 1-2 weeks.  my FEV1 is 73% and hasn't gone up even on the prednisone and symbicort.  you should contact your doctor asap.  I take singulair also which helps I think
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Mine was the same as yours 3 pills twice a day. But I'm all done with that... Just about to finish second round of antibiotics. Not sure what the FEV1 is but they told me my large airways were 80% and small airways were at 50%. All I know is I don't want to keep racking up a doctor bill by going back and having them tell me here is some more steroids and antibiotics.
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I dont no but i have had chest tightness for over a month i am on prednisone 20 mg 3 times a day i did get better but it's still there my dr sad i had copd but i am not get no better could it be something else
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