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I just found this site so I hope I'm posting in the correct area.  I'm 40 yeras old with a restrictive lung disease HP(pigeon breeders lung).  I've been on 2liters of O2 for the last year and waiting to be evaluated for a lung transplant. I use the oxygen when I sleep and when I leave the house to do stuff. We have a 2 story house so sometimes when I climb them it takes me a long time to recover, so I use the oxygen and rest.
On Thursday I bought a pulse oximeter.   At rest without oxygen I find my levels range from 85-65 and my heart rate is 80-114.  So when I use the oxygen I see my levels rise to above 90 which I know this is where it should be.

I am very concerned about the low levels.  When I go to see my doctor and they measure my O2 it's always with my oxygen on , so how can they get an accurate reading other than above 90.  I also forgot to mention that last year I had an echo done and I had moderate PH and this year went to severe PH. My doctor did not seem to bothered by this.  So can my low oxygen be causing this too and making it worse?
thanks for any info.

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Hmm, sounds to me like you need a new doctor pronto!  You also probably need to be on O2 24/7 right now.  Of course I am not a doctor.  What were your pulmonary pressures?  The only real way to diagnose PH is through a right heart cath as echoes are only estimated pressures and can be way way off.  However, I would not ignore the PH either.  You need, in my opinion, to go find a PH specialist as soon as possible.  Have you had pulmonary function testing yet?  Of course the low O2 levels can make the pulmonary pressures go up.  Also, I think your O2 provider can set up another concentrator so you could have one on both floors of your house.  Please get a new pulmonologist right away.
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my son is hiv his heart is not good his level goes from 81 to 93 when put in abulance to go to hospital are the oxygen readers they use not any good
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