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recurrent upper respiratory infection child

My seven-and-a-half year old son has always had a high number of upper respiratory infections since toddler.  Asthmatic symptoms include cough and sometimes wheezing when coming down with viral infection, and when exercising in cold weather.  Infections resolve on own, but I'm concerned about high susceptibility to viral infection.  Since school began in September, he has been ill with URI seven times, as well as with H1N1.  Pediatrician did CBC and seems unconcerned, should I be?  He's always been sickly compared to my other two children.

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vitamin D has helped me greatly, normally by this time I would have been sick with a cold twice (midterms and finals) plus have a couple extra small 2 days sore throat things.  

This year I have had no cold/flu what so ever even with being diagnosed with asthma last year.  Thus I'm healthier with having inhaled steroids that are suppose to lower your immunity (symbicort 200ug 4-6x a day and my asthma is not well controlled right now).  
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The book "Healing with Whole Foods" outlines foods that are healing for the lungs.  Also the Vitamin Bible.  I've suffered with it all my life and my diet is constantly changing to help me heal my lungs.  It's best not to start children on a heavy dairy, sugar and meat diet to begin with.  Vaccinations and dental mercury were most probably the initial cause of my lung problems.  Swimming in a chlorine pool every day in the summer did not help.  Nor did my poor diet.  I would invest in some good nutrition books and maybe even go to a nutritionist.
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