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Bumpy texture on penis head, hard to see with naked eye

Uploaded photos: https://imgur.com/a/HcHVMBR

My ex confirmed she has HPV so I think I have HPV and that these are little warts but they're so small that my doctor just glanced and said my penis is normal. I don't think she looked closely enough to even see these bumps that are obvious in these photos. They seem to have spread over the past years but are isolated to the penis glans and not spreading on my legs or shaft (as far as I can tell).

They're noticeable to me and so I've remained celebate and am afraid to have sex with anyone because I don't want to spread diseases. But sex is awesome and I would rather be able to have sex. What can I do to clear this up and not spread anything?

Please help because this is making me depressed at this point. Thank you so much and I appreciate your time.
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Genital warts wouldn't last for years. Even without treatment, it would clear within 2 years.

What you're seeing may be Fordyce spots, which are just oil glands.

If you need confirmation, get a second opinion, but I really think you're okay.
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I definitely have fordyce spots on the shaft. But the small fleshy bumps on the head is a different appearance.

I guess if everyone says it's normal then I can't argue with that. I just am paranoid about spreading something to someone and would feel guilty if I could avoid it.

Thanks for your response
Fordyce spots can look different on the head.

Seriously, though, get another opinion from a different doctor if you're concerned. Then allow yourself to move on. Go to an STD clinic - they see ALL THE BUMPS, and will be able to tell you what it is.
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