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Burning penis tip please help!

Hello! I recieved unprotected oral sex on April 4th. About 3 weeks later one of my testicals started to swell and started feeling very full so i went to a walk in clinic on April 25th and they said it was epididymitis. I noticed that there were spots in my underware as well that looked white. I had a sonigram on my testical April 27th and it came back negative. On April 29th I went back to the walk in clinic and had a urine std test done. I had not peed for over two hours and i peed directly into the urine cup and filled the cup almost full. I was give sulfameth for the epididymitis 2 pills a day for 7 days. On May the 2nd all my std results came back negative. After finishing my sulfameth I noticed my penis head started burning everytime i would pee and it would burn for hours after i peed. It has been over a week now and it still burns after I pee and the opening of my penis tip is a little red and inflammed. What I want to know is could the std testing have been wrong? Should I get teted again? I am freaking out!
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Hi, its rather strange that you could have contracted Epi from oral sex as any symptoms should have appeared in your urethra first so it may have started as a bladder infection but be that as it may, urine tests are accurate but urine dones not enter your Epi where the infection mayhave been.
Why your burning while urinating could be caused by your constant checking but the bottom line a follow up with your doc is recommened.
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