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Do I Have an STD?

I'm a virgin. In a complete way, I've never been touched or touched anyone, nor do I partake in drugs or drug related activities. I've had these white spots underneath my foreskin for years now, since I can remember. They don't hurt they don't bleed and the don't itch. But they are noticeable, and it's become a bit of a source of embarrassment and paranoia since I'd like to become sexually active soon. I'd rather not be screwed outta the race at the gate. Could I have an STD?
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Google pearly penile papules and see if that fits what you have. It's totally normal and lots of guys have them.

Since you haven't ever had any kind of sex, it can't be an STD. If the papules don't fit, see a doctor to make sure it's not a fungal infection or anything, but rest assured that it isn't an STD.
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