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Genital warts or Molluscum. misdiagnosis???


Iv'e been quite confuse with this question and would like to get a external opinion. My question is about a possible genital warts misdiagnosis. So i had this rash on my lower abs that was check out by a doctor. She say it was molluscum contagium. Proceed treatment and i was told to come back two week's later for follow up. Now two weeks after that i went back to the clinic. Everything was clear and when the doc check me out she spotted a a small single flesh/brownish spot at the base of my penis. Just above my lower abs where some molluscum where located two weeks earlier. She said it was a genital warts ( without biopsy or anything ) Froze it and again was ask to be back for follow up. Everything was clear after that. But i wonder if it could of been a molluscum that she didn't spot a the first place. I know both can be quite similar when they are still small.

So basicly my question is.

1 . What are the chance of a possible misdiagnosis of genital warts ? Could it be a unspotted molluscum ?

Thanks anyone who take time to answer.
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As long as it was treated and removed. You will be fine.
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Hi what does genital warts looks like?
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