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Hi is this Genital Warts Not Graphic

Hi is this Genital Warts photo is on my profile photos

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Here is link as I don't think top one is working
Plus the bumps you see are at the top of penis uncircumcised
The photo link is not working
http://imgur.com/a/icp1Y4o new link
My knowledge is not enough to say anything. Lets wait for the experts.
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Just for clarification the bumps you see are at the top of penis where the head is only on outer foreskin.

They are elsewhere meaning appearing lower down also but found it unusual there at the top of my penis also on outer foreskin
My guess is that they've removed the photos because pics of genitals aren't allowed on the site.

I don't look at pics because I'm not a doctor and can't diagnose. However, there are so many things that can cause bumps on the penis, some are normal, some aren't.

First, google Fordyce spots and pearly penile papules. See if any of those fit. Fordyce spots are just oil glands, and they are sometimes more visible than others, but are totally normal. PPP is also totally normal, but it doesn't sound like this is what you have, since you said outer foreskin. I'm including it, just in case.

You could have genital warts. They can be widespread, or in smaller clusters. Really, the only way to know is to get these checked if you don't think they are Fordyce spots.

I said the other day that you had a fear of hsv1. I'm going to amend that and say perhaps you have a fear of STDs. I'd suggest that you get tested for everything possible, get an exam, get all your negative results, and know for sure that you are STD free. See if you can move on from that, and maybe stop having any kind of casual hook up where you and your partner don't prior to sexual activity. Not everyone is cut out for casual hook ups - I'm not. It's okay.

Also, if anxiety is a big factor in your life, and I suspect it is, talk to your doctor about it. There is help available.
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