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How to have safe anal sex with escorts

I want to have anal intercourse with 2 escorts at once, I am afraid of STD’s STI’s or HPV or any other disease could affect me, what should I do to have a safer sex?
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Is this some kind of fantasy or something?  First, you need to make sure you can emotionally handle it.  A lot of dudes with extreme anxiety engage in sexual encounters that right after they begin to freak out with anxiety.  If you're that type of people keep telling you that you have anxiety, then I'd think twice before doing this.  Otherwise, use a reputable service that provides information about their escorts health.  Escorts very often have some of the best sexual health because they stay on top of it.  But they are also higher risk individuals due to quantity.  Use condoms.  Barrier method is the best way to protect yourself.  
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Thank you for your answer, even if the sex worker told me she is safe, How I can make I do it in a way where it doesn’t hurt me or them?
No this is not a fantasy, this is can happen and it is up to me to make, I want to make it but I am afraid of diseases.
Is using condom is safe? Is there anything I can catch even if I use condoms?
Yes, even while using condoms, you can still get herpes, syphilis and HPV, as those are transmitted by direct skin to skin (mouth to genital, genital to genital, or genital to anal) contact, and the condom doesn't cover all your skin.

Condoms reduce your risk by about half, but there is still a risk.

HPV is considered an inevitability of sex now - it's estimated that about 90% of sexually active people will get it at least once in their lifetimes.

Anal sex is riskier than oral or vaginal sex. There's more chances of tearing and irritation. If you do have anal sex, make sure to prep really well - use lots of lube, and make sure your partner is stretched enough by using your fingers. If you are using condoms, make sure to use a water based lube, as oil based lubes can destroy latex condoms.

Use a new condom for each penetration. Don't penetrate one woman with the same condom you used for the other woman. Change condoms. If one gives you oral sex with a condom on, change condoms before penetrating anyone.

Even if an escort (or anyone) has recently tested negative for something, it's possible that they've had recent exposures that won't show up on their tests. Every test has window periods - syphilis, for example, can take up to 90 days to show up on a test (though most will test positive by 6 weeks). Herpes can take up to 4 months, and the HPV test only finds active HPV.

It's ultimately your decision, and can be done with minimal, but not zero, risk.

There is no such thing as 100% safe sex. There is safer sex.
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