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Lingering Symtpoms after treatment

I was diagnosed with chlamydia and negative for gon. in early July. Was prescribed Zithro 1 day dosage. Symptoms alleviated but still felt as if something was not right down there. I was also able to milk slight clear discharge from my penis I figured I'd wait it out to see if maybe symtpoms would go away. In mid August I masturbated and I got a really bad burning sensation/pain. Went to the ER and they tested for gon. and chlamydia. They treated me for gon with a shot & gave me 10 day 2 dosage of doxycycline just in case. Swab test for chlamydia was positive and I finished remainder of antiobiotics. Since then I have still felt a mild discomfort (especially after prolonged sitting). I went back in Mid Oct to get HIV test & swab test again. Negative result for chlamydia,HIV, and the dr. even examined my clear fluid under microscope for trich. Dr. gave me 1 dosage of antiobiotic (methadizole however you spell it) just in case for trich infection. Since then still having discomfort (especially when sitting). I went back again Later Oct to get another swab test done for chlamydia and it came back negative. I intend to go to urologist to see if I have pancreatitis. My question is what the heck could I have? Would the antibitoics Ive had not been able to treat pancreatiitis if i do have it? I do not have any anal pain no pain while urinating no pain when ejaculating. Could I pass on infection from pancreatitis to my gf if it is bacterial?
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i meant to say i intend to get checked for prostatitis
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While it could be prostatitis only a Dr is going to be able to tell you that. It is not something you could pass along. Try posting in the uriology forum.
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Ty for the response. this has been a irritating matter for me as I am sure it is for everyone when an STD is contracted. I feel like I have done all the proper methods to seek treatment so to still have lingering symptoms is a bit stressful. I have set up an appointment with a urologist so I will hopefully find out the issue. Thansk again and I will post this on the urology forum.
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I heard that other bacterias could cause urethritis. Would the doxycycline/ zithro/and methidzole I had been placed on have disposed of those other strands as well?
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see my more recent post on my persistent problem - similar but not clamydia or fon.

i)  zithromax and doxy treat
Clamydia, mycoplasma urea, mycoplasma gentitalium, skinn bacteria (strep?) and even gon has sensitivity to zithromax.  Basically it cures all bacteria causes of urethritis.  However ive read that adenoviruses cause 2-3 pc and herpes simplex similar.  Im currently concerned itone of these which antibios dont treat.

Ii) However we are perhaps both just experiencing irritation which to can cause discharge and even trick the body into producing the puss cells the docs see.  I suggest completley de toxicing the urinary tract.  Nothing but water , no masturbating and certainly no milking the penis.  A hot bath will relieve the symptoms.  
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