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Molluscum and sex

Hello, I am gay, having the same partner for 3-4 months now. I started having few (5-6) molluscum warts around the anus and on my butt few weeks ago. My partner doesn't seem affected/symptomatic, but I haven't had another sex partner within the last 6 months.

I noticed the warts because of a mild burning feeling. So, I'm having the warts "cryo-burned" (frozen) tomorrow and was wondering the following :

- Can i keep having sex with my partner without protection ?

- Since it's located around my anus and I am bottom, does anal sex (even protected) can increase the molluscum spreading in the anal region, because of friction/irritation ?

- Since I only have few molluscum, can I expect a quick resolution ? I can't imagine myself stuck with this for months, even years.

- I read the burning sensation and the redness I experience are good signs my immune system is already kicking back the infection, is this true ?

Thanks !
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Nobody, please ?
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