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Potential for an STI (strip club and massage parlor scenarios)

I have been to strip clubs and massage parlors. Please answer if any of the below scenarios have the potential for STD. If so, which STD(s)? All three strip club scenarios were with the same dancer.
1. Around 60 seconds of closed mouth kissing with a minor cut in my lip. The dancer's lip was wet with saliva.
2. Ejaculation during lap dance. I was wearing an underwear and a thin night pant. The dancer was wearing a small bikini.
3. Fingering the outer parts of the dancer's vagina for around 20 seconds with a 2 day old open cut in my finger.
4. 30 minute penis contact with a potentially damp cloth at a massage parlor.
5. Massage session with many open sores in my back and thighs.
6. Masseuse touching the tip of my penis briefly (1 to 2 seconds) several times.
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1. risk for oral herpes and low risk for syphilis.
2. zero risk
3. in the real world would be zero risk
4. zero risk
5. zero risk
6. zero risk
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