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Probability of a Std

So almost 4 weeks ago I had a encounter with a questionable female. My penis did touch her lips but never entered her mouth.  She did suck on my scrotum and lick my anus for a few minutes while I jerked off.   I showered after.  8 days after the encounter I developed what appeared to be a pimple on my scrotum. It was tender and sore. And when squeezed it pooped like a pimple and white stuff come out.    It was tender the entire time.  Well about 5 days after the pimple appeared I took 1g of clindamycin and 3g of amoxicillin orally all at once in a panic.  It finally went away 8 days after I took that.  Well 5 days ago from today I started feeling naseau and my stomach has been upset and been having an increase in bowl movements and caughing and snotty. Also I’ve had a constant blue ball sensation ln my testicular as well.  It hasn’t even been 4 weeks yet.  What is my odds of having a std?  Or is this all in my head.  I’ve had no other sores or pains or discharge.  There was no kissing or penatration and I couldn’t see any sores on her.   I’m a 38 yr old white man.
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Try not to work yourself up and do irrational things like just pop antibiotics willy nilly. You aren't helping yourself. You sound like anxiety is ruling your day. What is a 'questionable' female? Would she say the same as you since you?  Just asking because we assign these things like we could ever possibly judge if someone has an std by how they look or act.  We can't.  Your activity is very LOW risk.  Oral sex is not no risk but low for things like herpes simplex 1 (mouth herpes) that would be passed to your genitals (does not become genital herpes, but then is oral herpes on your genitals, STILL herpes simplex 1). Normally a doctor can diagnose if you go to them when you have a sore. You missed that opportunity and tried to self medicate.  I'd tell you that you don't need to be tested unless you develop anything more but would imagine that won't be satisfactory to your anxiety so go see your doctor. But remember, you had virtually no risk.
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Thank you.  I mostly worry about syohillis.  She is a escort.  Would the antibiotics cause the current side effects I’m having?   If she happened to vomit before she licked me change anything?   I’ve had no other symptoms in the 4 weeks  sense the encounter.  
She likely did not have syph of the mouth and tongue and escorts usually are very good at protecting themselves from their clients.  Jumbling up a bunch of antibiotics (really, never self medicate like that) can definitely cause GI upset. This is an old thread from a guru doctor about having your testicles licked and lack of risk.  He states :   Replying to the question as posed in the title:  Saliva rarely transmits STDs, if ever; and liking intact skin -- whether of the scrotum or anywhere else -- is not a risk for any STD. https://www.medhelp.org/posts/STDs/Risk-of-STI-from-Testicle-Licking/show/2121153
So it’s all in my head.  I do have anxiety issues.  And of course when u Google stuff. Every site like cdc Mayo planned parenthood etc…. All say high risk and my junk gonna fall off.  Lol.  
Ya, love the internet, hate the internet.  Real life says that you will be fine.  If you have anything else 'pop ' up, get checked out.
Are you still coughing? I'd be worried about covid.

You had no risk of an STD here at all. A brief touch of the lips won't transmit anything. It takes time and friction to spread anything.
I should add that a brief touch and licking of the anus isn't likely to transmit anything, and the skin on your scrotum is too think for germs to penetrate.
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