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Receive unprotected oral and protected vaginal intercourse

Hi, 22 days ago I received unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal intercourse from an escort. She also rubbed her vagina on my face while she was wearing panties. She didn't have any visible soars as far as I can remember. Soon after the exposure I noticed the bottom left side of my penis shaft was slightly red ( I did shave before the encounter) the redness went away after about a day. I also noticed some white/light skin colour bumps underneath my penis shaft. I'm 90% sure that these bumps were there before( I was a virgin before) but I guess my anxiety kicked in and I started to worry, so i googled it and it looks like Forcyde spots (but I can't say for sure) They don't itch or hurt they are just there.
After about a week I got a pimple on my nose. It popped after a couple of days  when I was washing and started to bleed. It has cured since. I also got the same kind of pimple on the back of my left knee.(I have sensitive skin and used to get severe acne,after medication the outbreaks reduced)I don't know if it's my sensitive skin or an STD that caused these.
Two days ago I shaved down there to get clearer look and noticed nothing new other than the Forcyde Spots looking things. But the groin started to itch slightly after I shaved.
I'm worried that I might have contracted HIV/STD. I have not had any other obvious symptoms, other than a slight itchiness in my groin (especially my scrotum) once in a while.
Should I get tested for AIDS/STD's or is it just my anxiety and guilt that is causing this? (I've been washing my genitals using soap 3 to four times a day)
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you
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Your risk was only from the oral sex and that was low. I see no reason to test unless you think it will help your anxiety.
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Thanks for the quick reply Vance. Just to clarify, I don't need to get tested unless I get obvious symptoms?
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Thanks again. It did make me feel better
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