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Is this syphilis

So I've not had unprotected sex in a few years, I recently visited a massage parlor where one thing led to another I had protected sex with the female massage. About a week later while peeing I noticed a red bump on the shaft of my penis closer to the head. It was red and raised but never hurt or itched. A few days later I could see a small dark colored divet in the top but it never ozed or leaked or appeared wet.  I had a full STD panel done about a week after the bump showed up and the results were negative for everything including syphilis.  Was I tested to soo  even though I had the bump which if I do have something would mean it was active. Tje bump went away in its own about a week and a half or so after it showed up. Is ll this to soon for syphilis? Would the bump show up on my shaft near my head if it was covered by a condom?
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A fair few questions in this post. I will break it down as best I can..

Is this syphilis? No. A chancre (the sore which is caused by syph) is more than a red pimple and a divet in the skin. It is an open, often painless ulcer looking thing. Obvious to see. It also appears where the infection took place. You said you wore a condom which protects alot against syphilis but it also means the chancre would appear were the condom wasnt.

Did you test to soon? Yes but in this instance you dont warrant testing unless any symptoms appear. Your little spot was most likly from irritation from the sex or from masturbation but the key thing is, its gone. Chancres last longer than a week anyway.

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