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Syphilis and HIV

So I had an encounter (unprotected oral) with a CSW, 8 weeks later I had a some chancre on a pubic area, it’s start with a painful papule, and then turn to an open sore, it’s red and wet in the middle, could this be a syphillis chancre ?
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Without seeing it, there is a chance yes. The sore forms on the entry point on the virus so it depends where the "chancre" is. However there is NO risk for HIV and to be fair, even syph is low risk from oral.

With the time frame, the best bet is to go get tested now.
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is it posible that the chancre forms on the pubic area, and not on the penis ? also I’m planning to get a rapid antibody home test for syphilis and wondering if it is going to be conclusive ?

And you’re saying that my 4th gen test at 6 weeks conclusive enough ? and no need future testing for HIV ?
To transmit syph, the partner would need to have the chancre on their lips or mouth. That chancre would need to rub against the area. IF she had a chancre and it did not touch the area where your ulcer has developed, it is a fair bet to say it is not syph. Like I said, it is rarer during oral.

HIV was never a concern. It can not be passed on via oral.
many thanks for your answer, I will update my test result soon
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