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Risk and Testing


About 2 months ago I (male) received oral sex from a girl of unknown status. 2 weeks after exposure I was tested for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis and all came back negative. At the 7 week mark post exposure I also got a 4th generation antibody/antigen HIV test which came back negative. I asked her if I had anything to worry about and she said no but obviously you never know. I have started to date someone since and am nervous to become sexually active with her if I have something. I have not had any sores or discharge.

1. Should I get retested for HIV or is 7 week test for antibody/antigen conclusive?
2. I have read that herpes can show no symptoms should I get tested with no symptoms?
3. Knowing my risk and testing should I be worried to do anything with my current GF or should I get retested first?

Thank you for the help.
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Hi the oral is not a risk for hiv or chlamydia only gono herpes and syphlis. Without symptoms testing is not recommended unless you have a long term partner so since you have a new girl test for gono at  7 days post exposure, syphilis at 6 weeks and herpes at 3 months.
ok sounds good I will have to retest for syphilis and herpes. One other question though:

I have read that the CDC does not recommend testing for herpes without any symptoms, why is that? Can you have herpes and really not know it?

Thanks again
Because of false positives and you can have herpes and not know it but thats mostly with HSV1 as with HSV2 people to eventually have genital sores.
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