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Had protected vaginal sex at a Korean massage parlor in Northeast US.  Condom was used correctly.  My question is twofold...1.Can you get any STD if the girl was on top of me and thrusted downward where her vaginal area was hitting my groin area, which was not covered by a condom.  Secondly, is there anyway for a guy to get an STD if nothing entered the urethra?  What are my risks here, if any, for transmission of an STD from her to me?  Thank you for your feedback.  
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Hi from what you mention would be a risk for syphilis and herpes
Thank you Dave.  Even if there are no open cuts or abrasions on myself?
all it takes is rubbing contact to force the virus into a nerve
ok, would I notice anything to indicate there was transmission?
Do not worry man.
Even if you assume you caught herpes or syphillis you will enjoy living your normal life.
Syphillis has a permenant cure.
Herpes break out happens for 2 to 3 weeks then a lot of patient do not develop symptoms  anymore.
Thanks but not a response from an MD I assume...
No one here is going to give you a conclusive answer that will put you at ease and no one is a doctor. ( maybe Dave is?) the only way to really know if you got something from this encounter is to test. I would only do that on the right time line  for each thing you are testing for to make sure they are conclusive.
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Your risk for herpes is lower because you wore a condom
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