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SO, I was having this really bad Discharge no smell and I didnt itch. It was just a lot, so I told my sis in law and she told me to douche so, i did. Well the discharge got worse and the a smell did show up. Well I went to the doc and he did a pap smear and tested me for STDS (Cause my husband has cheatedon me before). He said the all the test came back negative and that my IUD was giving me an infection and the douche gave me bacteria vaginosis. But It keeps running in my head about the stds and when they test you for diseases, is aids also tested for  (they didnt take blood)... I dont know im just freaking out and scared....
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You would have to talk to your Dr about what he/she tested for. I know in America you have to give consent to have a HIV test.
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BV is also known an std, and you have to give consent for an HIV test .. Were you tested for TRICH? Might wanna find out ...
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BV is NOT an std.  Get your facts straight.  BV stands for bacterial vaginosis (as far as I know, only women have vagina's).  Men don't have a bacteria and give it to a woman.  A woman cannot give it to a man.  Bacterial vaginosis is when a woman's natural flora of yeast and bacteria are imbalanced.  The bacteria in the vagina overgrow and cause the infection.
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